fostering and TTC updates

In further updates, my first period came on strong. My next period should be the first week of March, setting me up to start TTC-ing again mid-late March. I can’t believe I have to do this again. Pee on sticks, go through 2wws… and all so that I can suffer 9 months (if I’m lucky) of mind-numbing terror that I’m going to lose the baby again, not to mention the grief and hurt and guilt of wanting Avalon, and no other baby.

My foster care license is still in good standing, and my licenser has promised that she’s got her eyes open for a baby for me. Nothing to do now but wait. I continue to watch my Moose grow via his mom’s facebook page. He had a respiratory bug earlier this month, but is back to his normal healthy self now. At 9 months, he is finally crawling, and using his walker to walk over to draws/cabinets and get into everything! I’m telling you, the kid is darn cute and I’m as proud of him as could be. He has a great family, too, it’s obvious he couldn’t be anywhere better than with his loving, adoring parents and grandparents. Hopefully I’ll get to babysit him again soon!

Moose crawling
Moose crawling

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