5 days off… going nowhere!

I have 5 days off and I’m not going anywhere. I would go somewhere if a) I had someone to go with, and b) I’m not saving all of my money for NYC in May or the California Coast in September. (What? You haven’t read about my big plans on my travel blog?)

Still, I have worked 26 out of 31 days this month, and I need something to look forward to. Some kind of plan. Otherwise, I sleep all day, every day, and get very down about having NO baby, no friends, and not being far away traveling.

Itinerary (subject to change, but structure really helps me):
Sunday night: Amazing Race, and season 3 premier of Game of Thrones

Sleep in
Book a massage, schedule haircut
Reserve Catalina Island zipline package for Cali trip
Clean house
Visit grandma and play piano

Sleep in (a little)
Stretch/livingroom yoga
Have massage (hopefully?)
Try to see Nepali friends
Go to bookstore tea room and read
Pick up house, play piano

Before leaving: Play piano
Visit with my sister and niece, take niece somewhere fun
Get a 2nd DDR pad, and do more DDR with sister
Go see “Lore” on either Wednesday or Thursday (only in theaters for 2 days)
Late drinks with bestie and spend the night

NYC clothes shopping
Haircut ??
Get out my bicycle, pump up the tires, start riding (might have to wait a few days for warmer temperatures)
Yard work/rake leaves
Play piano

Titanic: The Artifact Exhibit
Ride bike if weather ok
Play piano, see grandma
Pick up house

Author: Mother of All Things

Mother by fostering, adoption, and marriage... wife to my best friend... Bay area critical care nurse... travel in my blood, reading in my bones, clean food on my mind!

One thought on “5 days off… going nowhere!”

  1. That sounds like a well deserve stay-cation! I had this week off (I’m changing jobs), and we went away for a long weekend, and then stayed at home for the rest. I had a long to do list, and did pretty much none of it! But I do feel rested & ready to face the world again, so that’s something!

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