I’m not going to be posting details about my foster children, their cases, or even faceless photos. I think it’s important, with the case I’m involved with now, to follow all of the rules 110%. I’ll continue to post about foster care and parenting in general, as well as my journeys as a baby loss mom. I’ll also keep posting about anxiety, mindfulness, and consciousness, as I find it a very helpful tool in the maintenance of my emotional and spiritual health.

In general, I am very happy as a foster mom and continue to hope to become just a “regular” mom someday soon, with the rights and privileges of posting cute pictures and detailed summaries of her personality and experiences. For now, these particular things will not be available in a public space, unfortunately. I love my baby, and I love my life. I’ve worked hard as a single mom to create an environment of peace and stability, for myself and my loved ones, but of course there is always work to do and I continue to rely on my inner voice as well as my common sense to do so. And as always, I make my children my number one priority. I would do anything for any child I’m lucky enough to call “mine”, either temporarily or for life.

Being a blogger has been such a great outlet for me, and I hate withholding anything from readers who truly value and take something positive away from my experiences. I know that the other foster care blogs I read have provided me with such a sense of community and camaraderie over the last year. Who can believe I’ve been a mom, in one way or another, for a whole year now? I truly feel that you have all been a part of my life and experience as a foster mom. I’ve seen many of you do what I am doing as a result of wanting to protect your children, that is to say, withholding information in public until the complete and final resolution of your cases. I now know exactly where you’re coming from.

As a baby loss mom, the community I found online was absolutely invaluable. Because of all of you, I feel that I am not alone in any of my thoughts and feelings during and after the tragedy of losing my daughter. Even with my foster child, my rainbow baby, I was able to draw upon your collective experiences with parenthood following loss, and I know that I was so much better for it.

I wish peace and happiness to all of my readers, and thank you for traveling this journey with me.

Author: Mother of All Things

Mother by fostering, adoption, and marriage... wife to my best friend... Bay area critical care nurse... travel in my blood, reading in my bones, clean food on my mind!

7 thoughts on “unfortunately”

  1. Oh goodness. I hope this post is from a “things are going my way and I don’t want anything to change that” mindset. And not a “I got in trouble and could risk losing JoJo” mindset.

    Please update us as soon as you can.

  2. I hope you didn’t get in trouble either! I try to PW protect the important foster care posts but I worry constantly that I’m putting too much out there. You’re in my thoughts and please update when you can!

  3. Oh my goodness. Reading this gave me a chill. I hope everything is OK and this is just a precautionary measure with a positive outcome. I’m very sad to think there will be no foster updates as I’m sure you are sad not to post them for the time being.

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