beautiful days

I was honored to have Solo Mama and Evie at our house this past week. It was my baby’s first at-home play date, and I got to share my lovely lake cottage with these two very special ladies.

With Evelyn and our favorite tree

We took a long walk, with a stop at the park. We put the babies in for dip in the lake, with much excited splashing on Evie’s part! And we put the babies down for nap after nap… and then bed, with unbelievable amounts of wake-up feeds until morning. Those girls, they are utterly adorable and exhausting!

Aren’t they gorgeous?

Solo Mama’s peaceful energy, and dazzling smile, filled me with a warm glow for the entire visit. We even managed to get quiet, baby-free time, beneath a beautiful night sky filled with stars. There was nowhere else I’d rather have been than right there, with such a wonderful person in such a beautiful place.

All too soon it was time to make the long trek back to the bus station. I hated to see them go! I only wish Toronto was a few hours closer to me. I can’t overstate how lucky I felt that Solo Mama and Evie came all that way to see us, despite the exhaustions of travel with a young baby. I wish we could make a similar gesture soon. It was a few days I won’t soon forget.

Goodbye at the bus station
Goodbye at the bus station

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