so much for BLW

I was once around baby who would only eat if she could put the food in her own mouth; she absolutely refused to be spoon-fed. At her own insistence she was a BLW (baby-led weaning) followers dream! I had planned to allow Jo Jo to put food into her own mouth, on her own terms. I have given her tastes of different organic purees, or pieces of mashed banana or sweet potato, and she enjoys tasting them, but doesn’t yet put chunks of food in her own mouth.

Today I used a soft spoon, rather than my fingers, to feed her applesauce. She loved it! She opened her mouth for more and craned her neck toward the spoon, mouthful after mouthful, until the container was empty!

If she enjoys eating from a spoon right now, then I will feed her from a spoon and continue to offer letting her use her hands. That’s probably as baby-led as it gets: all babies are different!

Author: Mother of All Things

Mother by fostering, adoption, and marriage... wife to my best friend... Bay area critical care nurse... travel in my blood, reading in my bones, clean food on my mind!

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