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My child is one week away from being 6 months old… I’ve barely adjusted to her being 5 months old! She now loves to be fed from a spoon, and gobbles down entire containers of puree. She still doesn’t reach for the spoon, just opens her mouth wide and leans forward. Today she nibbled on some pita bread… but wouldn’t hold it herself, just wanted me to hold it where she could chew on it at will.

She bounces non-stop. While sitting, and lying, and in exersaucers or jumpers. She has always loved being jiggled or bounced on knees and laps. Now she can do it for herself and there’s no stopping her!

She’s reaching for and grabbing everything! But nothing goes in her mouth. It’s very un-baby-like of her. She will chew on teethers and whatnot but only if I hold it there for her. She grabs at everything, just isn’t interested in tasting everything. She still trusts her mama to decide what goes in the mouth and what doesn’t!

Today she went to her first party, which was also her first wedding. Her very special Meetini-mommy (my ritual best friend in Nepal, my “meetini”, whose children will be my “meetini” children) celebrated her wedding today. We ordered and brought the cakes, helped her get dressed and ready, and also got her two stepdaughters entertained and ready (my hardest job).

My first party dress
My first party dress

The party itself didn’t really start until 6:30pm, so she required some time in the Ergo adjusting to all of the stimulation. By 9pm, though, she was ready to rock, so we joined the dance floor once together before calling it a night. Not before she had a taste of cake frosting, and spit that frosting all out.

It was a great night, and we look forward to and pray for an uneventful arrival of a meetini-baby in 5 more months!

Author: Mother of All Things

Mother by fostering, adoption, and marriage... wife to my best friend... Bay area critical care nurse... travel in my blood, reading in my bones, clean food on my mind!

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