6 months old

I need to do a 6 month update for Jo Jo. She became officially one half year old in California, the place where she was conceived. How cool is that? She has changed so much even in the last month, it would remiss of me not to sum up all of her new developments and achievements, not to mention take notes on her budding personality!

Being fed with a spoon, all vegetables and banana
Drinking water out of my water bottle or straw
Napping in the Ergo while I walk
Electronics of all kinds, especially cell phones, cameras, computer mouse, and cords
Sleeping on her side, next to mommy
When mommy tickles her, or flips her upside down
Getting her picture taken
Playing with paper, newpapers, magazines
Naps… at least 3 per day!
When I sing to her… it stops her when she’s fussing.

Putting objects in her mouth. She never does this!
Lying on her tummy, even though she constantly flips herself into this position
Lying flat when she’s not ready to sleep, unless I’m tickling her
Things that keep her stationary, like exersaucers or walkers
Baby food made of fruit, and avacado
Grown up pieces of food like bread, egg, or potato
Sleeping in a stroller, even reclined or fully covered
Sleeping in my lap, such as on a crowded airplane. She wants her own space!

Achievements and Milestones
Rolling back to front (which she does constantly)
Bouncing (everywhere), and jumping vigoursly in the jenny jump up
Fine motor skills took a huge leap, she picks up small objects like string, cords, etc
Babbling has reached new heights, and she now has a whole range of kinds of babbling (no consonant sounds yet, though)
Attachments are stronger, she refuses to fall asleep unless I or “Ga Ga” (my mom) is lying beside her and she cries when I leave the room

She seems more and more like my bio-daughter as the months go by. I am notorious for needing lots of sleep, I love books, and I love vegetables (but not so much fruit). She is taking after me in all of these respects! Someone in the airport even told me, “your daughter looks like you”. This is not really possible, but perhaps we are starting to look like each other out of sheer bonding.

Jo Jo has a focused personality… she grabs and reaches for everything now, and studies it at every angle. She likes to have her own space, like a place to sit or sleep, but wants me right there next to her to nuzzle and snuggle with. What a sweet, sweet feeling to be the one that the baby wants, the one who is “mommy” in her mind, to be her comfort and her source of security. I’m also the one who makes her laugh the most.

I wish I could show her off in photos. Her smile is a mile wide and blows everyone away. She’s also getting so round and chubby that strangers constantly comment on how “healthy” and “chunky” she is. Her fingers and toes are not the petite, delicate miniatures they once were. Her body has really lengthened this month, and I doubt she will be in the 10th percentile for height at our next check-up.

This little girl is the light of my life and my entire world. She makes every day an adventure and a pleasure. I’m so incredibly lucky that she became my daughter. Someday there will be an adoption, and I will burst with joy. Until then, she remains 100% my girl in my heart, if not on paper.

Author: Mother of All Things

Mother by fostering, adoption, and marriage... wife to my best friend... Bay area critical care nurse... travel in my blood, reading in my bones, clean food on my mind!

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