what is happening at court???

I was unable to get today switched at work so that I could go to court today. They scheduled this permanency hearing after the trial that took placed while I was on vacation. I really wanted to be at this one. I’m checking my email about 10 times a minute hoping for an update for my caseworker. The chance of a goal change only 10 days after the first trial is small, but in this case, possible.

Also, I was hugely surprised to find that Jo Jo’s GAL had left me a voicemail. With Moose, I never even knew he had a GAL! The message was basically just, “how is she doing? Any issues?” And I called back and left a message just stating that she is healthy, and happy, and the absolute joy of my life.

Author: Mother of All Things

Mother by fostering, adoption, and marriage... wife to my best friend... Bay area critical care nurse... travel in my blood, reading in my bones, clean food on my mind!

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