back to the classroom

It was time for me to finish the final four foster care training sessions, called PRIDE in my state. This time, for the first time, the other foster parents in the session seemed, well… normal! And by normal, I don’t mean “like me”. I mean, they seemed like people I would actually feel ok leaving my kids with. There were a few grandparents fostering their own grandkids, there were a few couples strictly adopting, and there was even *gasp* another single foster mom!

The session was supposed to be about… ummm… I actually don’t know. Something about how to make kids feel comfortable with their ethnic identities. And something else about being aware of all the influences and responsibilities in our lives (for which we had to draw an eco-map). But mainly, it’s a bunch of foster parents just talking about whatever is on their minds. It never stays on track.

my "eco-map" and PRIDE handbook
my “eco-map” and PRIDE handbook

I was surprised to hear that another couple who had fostered through my agency were so unhappy with them that they are switching to DHS. Usually it’s the other way around! I have nothing but good things to say about my agency, so I don’t know what happened there. Sounds like they just didn’t get along with the licenser, but I can’t imagine why.

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