holiday in photos

Although I often work Thanksgiving and the weekend following it, our Thanksgiving traditions remain largely unchanged. We always watch Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, so this year we didn’t as we celebrated on Wednesday. I still spent the day cooking, however, even with the help of my grandparents’ caregiver. Jo Jo fought me tooth and nail during bed and nap times, but otherwise played happily throughout the day (that is, she crawled/climbed on and into everything).

Meal prep: pies and sparkling juice, Jo Jo helping with stuffing, setting the table (the silverware was mine when I was a baby)

IMG_20131127_163658_756 IMG_20131129_092423 IMG_20131127_173801_953 IMG_20131127_163710_014

Baby’s first Thanksgiving: playing with her ball while I cook, rocking with Ga Ga, the onesie, rocking with mommy, the bib

IMG_20131128_105438_970 IMG_20131127_153906_510 IMG_20131129_092620 IMG_20131127_155353_649 IMG_20131129_092553

Christmas Tree decorating: Jo Jo’s ornament (cropped to hide real name), Avalon’s ornament (given to me last year by co-workers after she died), Jo Jo “helping” with the tree

JIMG_20131129_092319 IMG_20131128_194422_192 IMG_20131129_092857

And my favorite holiday event: baby-free night out at the movies with a friend!


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