9 months old!

I just can’t keep up with how much change is happening to my baby. She crawls fast, she walks holding on to furniture or by pushing objects in front of her, she reaches for anything on any surface, she is practically climbing her baby gates, and she has officially taken her first steps, although so far she has taken about four in a row at most before sitting down.

She’ll be running around on her own two feet by next month!

She also has two new teeth on top, to match the two she has on the bottom. She likes to clack them together. She claps her hands all the time, and waves by sticking one hand straight out towards the person she’s waving hi or bye to. She loves to press buttons, on phones or toys, and get them to light up and make sounds. She has started to dance to music.

Her babbles really got going this month! Now she continuously chants “bop bop bop” and “baa baa baa” as well as making Ffff sounds.

Sleep has been our issue this month. So far she has gone to bed in her crib for the last two nights which was a 30-45 minute fight, and slept for 3-5 hours there. She has napped once in her crib, for less than an hour. But still, it’s a start! She needs much less nap time then previously, taking either 1 or 2 one-hour naps during the day and staying up later, until 8:30 or 9 some nights.

Food-wise, she is pickier this month. She loves yogurt, green beans, and toast but it’s iffy with anything else. She might eat some tater tots, graham cracker, or sliced banana with her fingers, but not much. She will usually eat mashed potatoes and gravy. She has turned against squash and sweet potatoes, though. It’s ever-evolving! She would eat a stack of mail if I let her, though, she loves her some paper!

I love watching her little personality continue to emerge. She chuckles but it takes true mommy-tickling to get her to belly laugh. She likes new people but clings to me and hides her face against me around them. She has started crying if I go somewhere without her and she’s awake, even if it’s to the bathroom. She wants her mommy and her Ga Ga and always has a smile for her great-gramma and grandpa. She has a slew of “Aunties” (my sister and all my good friends who happen to all be female) so she’s particularly intrigued by men. Something different about them!

She sure is a focused, strong-willed girl. She knows what she wants and she is singular-minded about it. She is intense in that way. She’s not a daydreamer, or happy-go-lucky. She always has a goal and is intent upon it! She has a thing for cords, wires, buttons, and screens. She’s going to be asking me for an ipad by her 2nd birthday.

Thank goodness for this little girl, and the non-stop joy she brings to my life!

Author: Mother of All Things

Mother by fostering, adoption, and marriage... wife to my best friend... Bay area critical care nurse... travel in my blood, reading in my bones, clean food on my mind!

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