project little cottage

Well, my little cottage project has been going full-force. I had almost $6000, and with that I got all new floors (and moldings) except for the two bedrooms and bathroom, new counter tops, new oven range hood, removal of old breakfast bar thingy and new wall put up, coat closet installed, and all of the labor for all of this. I also purchased a chair and a half that matches my small spaces sectional couch (matching furniture, I’m a grown-up now!) and a small dining room table with two chairs, since I now have a kitchen that is separate from the living room, thanks to the new dividing wall. Have I mentioned I hate open floor plans? I HATE open floor plans!

My new refrigerator was moved, the kitchen counter top was extended, and where the old refrigerator was is now a coat/shoe closet where you come in the front door. Yay to no more shoes and hats and coats everywhere! In the process I’ve gotten rid of a ton of “stuff”, old pots and pans I didn’t need, lamps that didn’t work, etc. So exciting! I also moved the piano into the living room, which hopefully means I will play it more and Jo Jo will be exposed to more music.

I have two upcoming projects: my bathroom (floors, linen cabinet, medicine cabinet, new tub), and my front “stoop” (a rickety old falling apart thing that will be converted into a very small deck).

Currently, however, my house is a disaster zone. Both my and the baby’s room are full of stuff so that my guy can finish the moldings. The dividing wall still needs dry wall, and painting. Until all of that is done, I can’t move the stuff out of our rooms and back onto the porch and living room like I want.

Here are photos from the disaster phase of all of this remodel:

Very sad state of affairs in the living room during the remodel
Very sad state of affairs in the living room during the remodel
Love the new counter tops... but what a mess during the installation!
Love the new counter tops… but what a mess during the installation!
Nursery turned into storage room while new floors went down
Nursery turned into storage room while new floors went down
Installing the dividing wall
Installing the dividing wall

Although I was in the pits of hell during all of this upheaval, here is a sneak preview of how nice things are going to be:

Aaaahhh... clean.
Aaaahhh… clean.

Before and after pics to come when it’s all finished!

Author: Mother of All Things

Mother by fostering, adoption, and marriage... wife to my best friend... Bay area critical care nurse... travel in my blood, reading in my bones, clean food on my mind!

4 thoughts on “project little cottage”

  1. A) It looks totally lovely. I am very impressed, and think you will love all these upgrades and improvements. Very happy for you.
    B) Blown totally away by all you did for only 6K! In the part of CA where I live that is an unbelievable amazing dreamlike price! Very happy for you!

  2. Moving the piano into the living room really got me playing more. Its just so much more convenient (mine had been tucked in a corner in my crowded dining room, I couldn’t pull the bench out without moving chairs from the table to make room). Annelise has been sitting on my lap and learning to “play” gently. I think you’ll like having accessible. Good luck with the rest of your upgrades. It may be hectic in the midst of it but it sounds like it will be worth it.

  3. I hate open floor plans too. We are going to be building on to our house after our next adoption, and I am TOTALLY dreading it. The pictures didn’t help. hahaha

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