at the zoo

Just wanted to say that we went to a different zoo the other day, and this one was much better for Jo Jo, as she could actually see the animals. She pointed and “ooooh-ed” at the seals, elephants, hippo, and birds. She even imitated the bird calls in the aviary. At the zoo we went to for Easter, the animals have wonderful habitats with lots of space, but they are quite far away and the kids can’t see anything (better for the animals, though). This zoo was a little disappointing in the habitat department, but on the other hand had better ‘people’ facilities.

Seal watching
Loved this hippo
Loved this hippo
Waving at flamingos

They had a great kids’ play area, with rock mountains and slides, a “wading” stream, a pretend beach, and an indoor (air-conditioned) play forest. This was separate from a large double playground, which was also good for small kids. My little girl went up the equipment and down the slide by herself! This big kid thing is happening way too quickly…

The wading stream rocked their socks
Playing in sand
The magickal, air-conditioned forest
Trying to figure out why her Aunt and cousin are in the tree
The playground
Put a rock in, watch it fall out. What could be better?

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One thought on “at the zoo”

  1. She’s really growing. It happens so fast. Just last week I looked at Primo and realized he’s not my baby any more he’s a full out toddler/little boy, he’s almost 3!

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