turning 30 and the 4th

We kind of got way out of our usual schedule, since for the past 10 days or so I’ve been traveling, working, or celebrating something. My someone special wanted to do something memorable for my big 30th birthday, so we took Jo Jo up to Lake Michigan for more fun in the sun and sand. My girl was probably the best behaved toddler that’s ever been on a road trip. She watched Frozen on a portable DVD player, clapped along to her favorite CD (Mickey Mouse Favorites), napped, and was just generally pleasant. We hit up several beaches and sand dunes, and I got to eat a birthday dinner of delicious Indian/Mediterranean food complete with Arabic chai. As a special vacation treat, Jo Jo got a brand new big red “baaaw” (ball), as well as a trip to the children’s museum in the town we were in.

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We got back late on the 3rd, so of course it was time to celebrate the 4th. We hit up the parade, where Jo Jo got into the swing of things by racing after the candy that was being thrown, then we hit up the pool. My little fish was wearing a flotation device just in case she fell in the pool… well she didn’t just fall in, she jumped in! The floater popped her right back up to the top (even though I was right next to her and caught her in the water) and she didn’t even shed a tear. She spent the rest of pool time floating around like she’d done it all her life!

We went down for a nap around 4pm, and darn if it wasn’t 8pm when we woke up! That meant Jo Jo got to stay up for fireworks, and she loved them, applauding enthusiastically at every lull in the explosions.



My cute grandparents at the parade
My cute grandparents at the parade

All in all it’s been an exciting, fun, and interesting week and a half. Now I have to mow the lawn, clean the house, etc etc and try to get my child back to some semblance of a toddler schedule. I guess the fun can’t go on forever, but one thing is for sure: being 30 has been really great so far!

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Mother by fostering, adoption, and marriage... wife to my best friend... Bay area critical care nurse... travel in my blood, reading in my bones, clean food on my mind!

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