we went to the animal fair

Yesterday, once music class was over and we were hanging out at home, my darling child decided to be not so darling and climb on me, which always ends in hitting me, pulling my hair, or my earrings, and laughing when I shriek. I love this child more than I’ve ever loved anyone or anything in my life, but I was at the end of my rope. Exhausted, and literally physically beaten down, I just couldn’t imagine saying no one more time. She had access to the yard to go outside, she had gone to music class and had a good time, eaten a good lunch, had a good nap… she wasn’t particularly fussy, just downright annoying! I stepped over the baby gate that barricaded off the front porch (with the kitty litter and cat food), and laid down on the single bed we have there for my mom when she sleeps over. She stood at the gate, just staring at me, stumped and yet somehow accepting of my departure. I laid there for a good 30 minutes, trying to summon the energy to rise.

Eventually, I did, and we went swimming, then to a local fair. Anyone else from the Midwest? These county fairs are just the best things ever for toddlers, because there are buildings full of farm animals, and the whole fair is enclosed with no vehicles. Merry-go-rounds, free balloons, and lots of other babies equals a happy toddler, at least my toddler was having a good time. We petted the cows and horses and rabbits, watched horses getting bathed, fed ducks… it’s amazing to me how all these kids raise animals for fun. Maybe my girl will want to join 4-H someday too!

Why do we always have to be doing something in order for us to keep our sanity?? And it’s not about directed or non-directed play. I don’t interfere, I just can’t always allow her to do what makes her happy (pulling my hair, pressing the panic button on my keys, dumping cupfulls of water on her shirt, etc).

Gotta love the goats
Gotta love the goats
Only thing cuter than my toddler? These pigs!
Only thing cuter than my toddler? These pigs!
She was more into the horses and ducks, but I totally loved the pigs
She was more into the horses and ducks, but I totally loved the pigs
This duck bit her. And bit me. But no blood, so no we're good.
This duck bit her. And bit me. But no blood, so no we’re good.
Little boy blue... loved this kid asleep with his cow!
Little boy blue… loved this kid asleep with his cow!

Author: Mother of All Things

Mother by fostering, adoption, and marriage... wife to my best friend... Bay area critical care nurse... travel in my blood, reading in my bones, clean food on my mind!

3 thoughts on “we went to the animal fair”

  1. Small plastic bin full of water in the bathtub, her sitting on a bath mat wearing a shirt that needs to be washed anyway, measuring cups and spoons in the bin.

  2. I hear you on lamenting the constant ‘doing’. Lately when I’m really beaten down, I put on a movie and we sit for 20-30 minutes, max. Then, we must get up and ‘do’ some more.

    we are going to a fair like this when we visit PA over the weekend.

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