sickness and school

I haven’t blogged all week for several reason. The first is that I usually do it at work, in between charting and patient care, but lately my work days have been too busy for that, even keeping me there up to an hour late (with no lunch or other such break, but such is the job of an ICU nurse). The second reason is that I had a four day weekend without working, and getting on my laptop while Little Miss Active is around is impossible, and I was too tired myself to get up after she slept. And the final reason is that my kiddo got a fever, so we were more tired than usual.

The fevers started early Friday, getting up to almost 103 degrees sometimes. The worst part was waking up so many times in the night with a toddler who was inconsolable. We moved the rocking armchair back into the living room so we had a place to sit and soothe her. She had no other symptoms, was eating and drinking ok, and active in between fevers, so I thought it was just a virus and we waited it out. But by Monday the fevers were still occurring, so we went to Urgent Care, where she was diagnosed with a “possible ear infection” (the ear was slightly suspicious, but not terrible) and put on antibiotics. Two days later, she was fever free and back to her lively, sleeping-through-the-night self.  The only upside to the illness was how cuddly and clingy she was with her mama!

Today is our big day: her first day of “school” (an 18-36 month room in an early learning center on the local college campus), and later, my first day of grad school. I hung out in her room for a few minutes, she came and hugged me once, but otherwise went about exploring and playing. So finally, I took the hint, and left. I was emotional, but walked away. It’s not an entirely comfortable feeling, the first time you leave your precious child with strangers!!! Daycare moms, you know what I’m saying?? She will be going 4 hours twice a week, on Mondays and Thursdays. In October, we will also be doing Parent and Tot swimming lessons every Saturday at the local Y.

This evening I drive an hour and a half to get to my class (ugh, but there were no closer options for the program I want as I live in the boonies). I have heard nothing from the instructor, even though I emailed her. No syllabus, no emails, no anything. Let’s just hope the class is where the schedule says it is! It’s going to be an absolutely boring subject, one of those dry as a bone requirement classes, but here goes nothing. From here on out I will be working on Mondays, and my mother will be taking her to school. On Thursdays I’ll be taking her, and using the four hours of “free time”” to study, or do whatever I have to for school.

But today my four hours are all my own! Which means I can use my laptop, watch dark or scary movies, clean the house without a toddler underfoot, and paint the dresser I was given for her room! It’s been so relaxing. So this is what life was like before babies???

First day of school outfit! She insisted on carrying her backpack around, she understood it was hers right from the start!
First day of school outfit! She insisted on carrying her backpack around, she understood it was hers right from the start!

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