the best Halloween!

We had such a fun Halloween. Last weekend I babysat my niece, and a friend of my sister’s ended up staying at her house, so we had a fun Halloween celebration with the girls. Thank god she was there to help! I had planned WAY to much to do on my own… we baked cookies, decorated them, painted pumpkins, ate candy apples and played in leaves, carved pumpkins, and roasted the seeds! It was a Halloween extravaganza!

As Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday, I planned to be off of work the day of. We went to a library downtown where trick-or-treating would kick off at all the businesses, starting at 11am. It was absolutely packed and I really couldn’t let M out of her stroller. It was cold and rainy once we got outside, and again M couldn’t get out of the stroller because every time I tried she would make a run for the street or, if I tried to hold her hand, she would lie down on the wet and dirty pavement. But she had a blast as I wheeled her up to the bowls of candy. She had a two-handed scoop that got a chuckle out of everyone! She wanted to eat every piece right then. We hung out at my sister’s for a while and opted out of evening trick-or-treating, as the temperature was plummeting down to freezing and we didn’t need more candy. Someday it will be fun to visit the really decked out neighborhoods and check out all the spooky decorations!

My niece "Elsa" pushing her cousin the deck to the next store for trick-or-treat
My niece “Elsa” pushing her cousin the deck to the next store for trick-or-treat

The next night was Dia de los Muertos, and we were invited to a dinner with a co-worker who also has two daughters she adopted, both from Mexico. We couldn’t go, however, because 8pm is too late for us. Maybe next time! We didn’t do anything for Dia de los Muertos, because in our area nothing was going on during the day. In the future we will put out our offerings for the ancestors, but this year she really wouldn’t understand or remember the tradition. So we went to swimming lessons, and worked on making the playroom (see previous post). Then we lit our jack-o-lanterns and said goodnight early, all the better to enjoy the extra hour sleep a la daylight savings time ending!

My house on All Saints Day night
My house on Dia de los Muertos

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