back in the picture??

Got a message from Cindy this morning stating that she “might” see M’s dad soon and can she pass on news about M. M’s biological father was unable to be located during the TPR process, so it does make me a little nervous that he’s back in the states (last I knew he had been deported). He’s most likely in no position to want to parent a child, and also probably has no reason to come to this state, but still. The fact is he wasn’t able to be notified of the TPR trial, and if he had the means and the notion to challenge the adoption, I guess he could. Did he even know that Cindy was pregnant with his child? (Also, is it possible to get the same judge if bio dad were to challenge the adoption? She would in no way support it. Plus, if he proved to be a safe and

On the other hand, I have been trying hard to build a good rapport with Cindy and she and her family have been nothing but very nice to me, thanking me over and over for the life M has (I don’t need the thanks, I’m just saying) so if this unlikely scenario came to pass, perhaps Cindy would speak on my behalf, as far as not disrupting the adoption. If there was a guarantee that that would not happen, I would be excited and happy to possibly learn more about the Mexican side of her heritage.

God, just the thought is enough to make me a total nervous wreck. I messaged her asking what his name is and if he was living in the states again. So far, no response. I also asked her how the baby-to-be is, but she didn’t answer.

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4 thoughts on “back in the picture??”

  1. Deep breaths! This just made me anxious to read. It might be good to set a boundary with what you feel comfortable being shared outside of Cindy’s family, say, a picture and general well being but not last name, location, and significant details. In my gut, I doubt he would contest it or that a judge would try to take custody from you. Is she pregnant?

  2. Have you looked up the adoption laws in your state? There is a point where the adoption cannot be revoked for any reason. In my state, that is a year after finalization.

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