potty training in three days? FAIL

They said it was fool-proof! They claimed it worked best! They said, “stay home, naked bottom, push fluids, get potty training done and over with!” Well, folks, it’s not done and over with. Despite only two accidents in three days (once in the restaurant, once a dribble before making it to the bathroom for the rest), I sent my kid off to daycare with plastic pants and underwear, and she had accident after accident. The teachers had to put her back in diapers. Apparently, she would go sit on the potty, but not go, and just pee on the way back to class.

Guys, my girl has a total case of potty stage fright. She can tell me she’s gotta go, but once on the pot, she freezes. I have the pleasure of taking her to the bathroom 20 times an hour til she finally gives in and lets it out, but I get it, the teachers don’t have time for that. She’s got to learn to pee when she gets there! Not only that, but while at home, she holds her pee for upwards of 6 or 7 hours, going to the toilet many times per hour until she lets it go. So yeah, she can hold it… but she can’t get it out when it counts.

I sent candy bars for the teachers today for their efforts. Sounds like they gave it a good go.

Now we are going on vacation, so it’s pull-ups for the plane and airports, and back to full-blown diaperless butt when we’re at “home” in the flat we’re renting or at my girlfriend’s sister’s house. Then the week after vacation, on the days I’m home, we’ll be back at it.

I kinda hate potty training. Maybe I should just hold off til she’s four or five, and we can just have a nice talk about it. Someone give me some words of encouragement!

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8 thoughts on “potty training in three days? FAIL”

  1. My son didn’t potty train until he was 6. Does that make you feel better? Lol. You’re little sweet pea will figure it out quickly, I’m sure. It’s such a huge change for them, having to control their bladder when they’ve never had to bother before. Three days seems a bit difficult to me, but then, my child is a boy (they are notoriously slower at potty training over girls) and he’s disabled so it make things come a little slower for him. I don’t think there is any harm in using pullups as a back up method until she is going in the potty consistently. Once she’s ‘got it’ I’ll bet she just starts peeing in the potty every time she has to go. 🙂

    Keep at it! She’ll surprise you one day and you two will get to say goodbye to diapers and pull ups forever!

  2. It takes time! There is no simple guaranteed way to potty train. They have to relearn how to pay attention to their body and then communicate it to you. The three day method hasn’t worked for anyone I have talked to or worked for/with who has tried it. It is all about selling their books. Lots more naked time at home and I would ask every 20-30 minutes or more if she needs to go. It sounds like it is turning into a game for her and she doesn’t actually have to go. Adding in daycare potty training is hard. Perks of potty training is no more diapers! Since I know my kid has no physical issues, there is no way I will be changing his diaper when he is three.

  3. Personally i wouldn’t worry about it while travelling. I would take her to the potty when she asked but I’d leave her in diapers so there is no stress/clean-up/embarrassment. A new environment will make it that much harder.
    I’ve heard good things about 3 day but overwhelmingly i’ve heard try it, if it works it was time, if it doesn’t wait a while and try again.

  4. I had a class of 2 year olds so I have seen a lot of potty training and NEVER in 3 days! You can work on it a long time and one day they just “get it” (but there may still be an occasional accident). I had parents swear by the Elmo potty video. I’ve personally never watched it. As long as she had the opportunity to go on the potty at school I wouldn’t worry too much about being in pull ups there (just in case). School is so different than home because sometimes the kids don’t want to leave their friends to go potty. It seems like once we had a group of kids going potty other kids were more likely I try it too. Or maybe they were all just a little older. Don’t stress about it too much, it takes time. You are doing great! And what kid doesn’t love to be naked?

  5. 3 days communicates the concept… only.
    Your daughter may not be clear on how to deliberately let her bladder release and at pre-school she simply ‘holds’ until the pressure builds to a point it forces the release, when she is free of performance pressure from being on the potty.
    Just keep asking and letting her try and celebrate when it happens.
    If you stop and really try to isolate the actions you take as an adult you will experience it is not just knowing when your bladder and full and when you are in the correct location.
    Use this vacation time to track the time of day and relationship to meals that she actually pees, because some children really do go 4 hours or more between needing to pee. …. Until they are 4 and trying to stall bedtime by being sure they need to go to the bathroom repeatedly, with the lights fully on, and heavenly days going to sleep is not an option……..and maybe they need some water to drink too.

  6. I started potty training owl at 18 months and she still has occasional “bad days” where she wets her pants a couple times. I have just gotten to the point I just have a couple pairs of panties and pants with us at all times. Just keep trying, she will get it just keep at it. It is frustrating though!

  7. She’s doing WAY better than any of my kids were at her age! Don’t give up! But then, I had boys, who were VERY close together, and it was a control issue (plus two out of three had developmental delays and the third was g-tube fed, so had an excuse). I’m really impressed that she’s doing as well as she is given that she’s so young. Stick to your guns, mama!

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