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I follow Cindy’s facebook a bit like one might watch Maury or one of those shows, except with a bit more interest because I care so much. Lately she has been fighting with M’s aunt K about the fact that she’s drinking in photos while pregnant, making up then breaking up with Hermanito’s father, and changing her mind a lot about where she’s going to go now… back to our state, or to a completely different part of the country to stay with her cousin. I’m always worrying and waiting to see what will happen. And part of me is a little irked that she would go anywhere except back here, to have even a small relationship with her other children. But I know, I know… if she was a good decision-maker, none of this would apply. So I just keep hoping she stays safe and takes care of herself and baby as much as she possibly can.

Meanwhile, spring has popped up and we are enjoying the outdoor time. M is talking more and more, and has commentary about everything. She doesn’t like to stay at home and constantly asks, “Bye-bye? Memo Choo choo ih caw?” Which means she wants to go somewhere in the car where she watches Nemo and Chuggington on the way. When we get to where we’re going she says, “Pay-ee?!?” which is her way of hoping/demanding that we’ve gone somewhere for her to play. Although her vocab grows every day, she is still not much of a sentence-maker. She has finally started putting numbers with objects, so at least she’s starting somewhere. She counts, “one… two…” and then announces happily, “TWO ducks!!!”. So I’m mighty proud of that!

Potty-training is sort of hit or miss. Some days she’ll have a great day where she uses the potty all day and has dry pull-ups after naps. Other days, especially at school, she just doesn’t bother. If we’re out of the house, she tends to just want to go in the pull-up. She’s not a fan of public restrooms (who is?) and I can’t let her run naked or pull-upless unless we’re at home or someone’s house.

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Mother by fostering, adoption, and marriage... wife to my best friend... Bay area critical care nurse... travel in my blood, reading in my bones, clean food on my mind!

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