rainy, but good, day

I know we’ve come a long way in this toddler life when I can say that a day cooped up inside due to cold, wet weather was a good day! M did get a little rowdy at one point, but with all the key elements in place (see last post) I really felt like things went super well.

I got up with her at 7:30 and we did breakfast and at 9 visited the neighbor’s, and their one year old grandson who was visiting. M packed her beloved rolly bag with toys for him and shared them… Well, mostly shared them. Around 11:30 it was nap time and then we had lunch, I cleaned the house, and she watched Hunchback of Notre Dame while playing with blocks and play doh. Then a quick visit to my grandma’s and a trip to the grocery store, followed by me allowing her to look for frogs while I unpacked groceries and made dinner, and then my mom showed up with corn on the cob so we had that. Then bath, reading, and bed! Such an average day, but so full of love and quality time and learning and laughing with my amazing little girl.

I even practiced letting M walk in the store, using a super nanny technique where she has to hold onto the cart or my hand or go back into the seat. I thought for sure she’d last 30 seconds before bolting, but she did great! She held the cart, and then my hand in the parking lot. I was so impressed with her I let her have some chocolate! She sang Frozen and other songs to me the whole way home. I bought her a 2 dollar sand bucket (we lost the one from last year) and a plastic magnifying glass for bugs, and she hung out by the pond so nicely, staying in view from the window, while I made dinner. Again, I was so impressed. Then we spent about 15 minutes straight watching a turtle documentary. This kid has our pond in her blood, she lives for frogs and turtles.

She cuddled up beside me after stories in bed and fell asleep, after calling out, “Good night cah-cock! Goodnight turtle!” (She means peacock, they are her favorite at the local zoo.) She falls asleep in my arms and I think about how grateful I am for this day, cold and rainy as it was, and how amazed I am by how wonderful this child of mine is. She is truly my heart. Wild and spirited and strong-willed, eager and curious and determined, loving and sweet, smart and energetic, strikingly beautiful and yet still an adorable baby… My daughter.

Author: Mother of All Things

Mother by fostering, adoption, and marriage... wife to my best friend... Bay area critical care nurse... travel in my blood, reading in my bones, clean food on my mind!

2 thoughts on “rainy, but good, day”

  1. When I shopped with the tinies I nannied holding onto me or the cart was my rule too! Yay that I did something right! There were truck carts with G, totally different scenario. My second rule for shopping; don’t touch anything we’re not going to buy.

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