court docket frustration

In my county it’s very easy to look up a court case if you know the child’s last name (at least, whatever last name foster care has for them, which can be something totally random). You go to the court site, click on the docket look-up, enter the name, and get a list of past and future court dates and what they’re for (pre-trial, trial, etc).

Now I’m trying to do this (what I thought was easy) search for Hermanito’s case, and the county has a very specific search engine. I tried both his mother and father’s legal last names, and the time frame from his birth until present. Nothing. It’s supposed to be under probate, right? Although I also tried family court.

Is it possible nothing is scheduled yet??? Isn’t something at least supposed to be scheduled upon removal of the child? I forget what it’s called, but both Moose and M had one for the judge to officially order them into care?

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