sibling visit was a win!

M’s 2nd oldest sister, R, was in town from the other side of the country (with her grandma, who raises her), and they ended up coming a week before they said they would. So we hastily made arrangements to get as many of Cindy’s kids together as we could. Except for the new baby, all of them would be in the same state and within an hour of each other! Well, A (the four-year-old sister I took to the zoo that one horrible time) never made it, no one showed up with her. But we did get the other four!

B, 12 years old living with Cindy’s grandparents
R, 8 years old living across the country with her paternal grandparents
Al, 6 years old, living with his dad

Al, M, B, and R… 4 out of 6 siblings!

So these three siblings are the three oldest, the three who look like Cindy. M’s aunt K came with her kids, too, and was nearly in tears a few times at getting to see her niece and nephew (that she now sees less than M). I really like the two older girls, they are sweethearts. The oldest did a great job herding M around, calling her “sissy”. M’s older girl cousins take great care of her too. Luckily, I get along just fine with M’s aunt K, she’s sort of the glue that holds the pieces of family together.

Big sister taking care of little sister
Big sister taking care of little sister

The two older girls and cousins and I all met at their great-grandparents’ house. It was my first experience visiting a real live hoarder household… but more importantly, M’s great-grandparents are super nice people. M really seemed to like her great-grandpa, and he was playing with her and giving her candy. Her great-grandma kept saying to me, “thank you for bringing her honey”. Very nice people. I’m excited that M has a chance to know them… I never got to meet my great-grandparents!

Sisters and great-grandma

All in all, we spent about 4 1/2 hours with this side of her family, and it was great. M also seemed relaxed, playing with the kids and her aunt outside. She didn’t get a nap, so she was a touch cranky, and slept on the way home in the car, but other than that she didn’t seem to be having any emotional breakdowns triggered by the day.

Spinning around and round with her aunt
Spinning around and round with her aunt

Friday evening I’m meeting my grandma and M after work for fireworks at the same park… all three of M’s sisters are supposed to be there, so I’m hoping for a full sister pic!


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3 thoughts on “sibling visit was a win!”

  1. It’s amazing and wonderful that you’re all invested in these kiddos, and working to preserve their connections! I hope little A makes it to the fireworks show!

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