summer is too much fun

The summer is full of so much fun, it makes me dread the long winter. (Luckily, fall is equally full of fun in the Midwest, so many fairs and cider mills!) We stopped taking swimming lessons last year, but I think it was a mistake. She started out pretty afraid of water this year. While it does make my life a little less stressful knowing she’s too scared to just hop in to deep water (like last year), or run into roads (like last year), I certainly need her to learn to swim, and therefore she must like being in the water.

It’s only ankle deep in our “backyard” and we have to walk out a very long ways to get to water that’s chest high on me. I’m going to start taking her out every evening, holding her tight, until she is more comfortable. The water is as warm as bath water now, and the air is hot and muggy, so it’s perfect for an evening swim. Last night we also went out on the boat with a neighbor and she got to drive.

Today we went to the local community pool, and I was thrilled with how comfortable she was. She went under the water many times and stood back up, not freaked out or upset. She blows bubbles with her face in, and likes to swim in deep water with me holding under her belly. She also liked to “sleep” floating on her back. So we haven’t lost any of the skills we learned in last year’s swimming class! She was also learning to wait in line for the water slide, count to three before she jumps into deep water so I’m ready to catch her, and not run at the edge of a pool. Important lessons! After two solid hours of swimming, she was nowhere ready to quit, but alas, it was time to go. Next time I will come an hour into the three hour session, so that she sees everyone else leaving, too, and it’s easier. Only $4 per session (she is still free), but it’s only open until August 4th (weird, right?). So we will have to go back at least once more!

Besides swimming, I can easily see soccer (running, taking the ball, and kicking) and track (she runs like the wind), or maybe Rugby, in her future. I was a classic band geek who avoided gym at all costs, so it figures I’d end up with a total athlete for a daughter!

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4 thoughts on “summer is too much fun”

  1. We are loving summertime, too! I DREAD the winter time with an almost 3 year old. That is going to suuuuuuck. But we’ll enjoy this nice weather while it lasts!

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