fall bucket list!

Ahhh… cooler temperatures, changing leaves, the last week of August: time for a fall bucket list!

First things first, how did we do with our Summer Bucket List?

1) Grow our own vegetables (garden is planted, except for onions and potatoes)
Nope. We did plant vegetables, but the plot is way too big (long story) and I had no help with weeding. So we got some tomatoes and I think we’ll have some cabbage and a pepper or two.
2) Spend a day at the beach at Lake Michigan, hopefully a relaxing day
Maybe there’s still time???
3) Visit Michigan Adventure and see if M will go on any of the kiddie rides
If we end up at Lake Michigan, maybe we’ll end up here too…
4) Go to all three local county fairs and pet the animals
One more fair to go and we’ll have this one crossed off!
5) Ride a horse (or maybe just see a horse) at the local Bison ranch (they have little horses for kids to ride)
Nope. But we’ve ridden ponies out two fairs, does that count?
6) Use M’s passport for the first time in Canada and Germany
7) Survive about 10 hours of international travel with a two-year-old
8) Ride on a horse-drawn carriage at Mackinac Island
Not going to get there this year.
9) Hang up the tree swings next to M’s beach
10) Go strawberry or blueberry picking
Nope. Missed out due to a long illness in June.

We did get to do the following: fireworks at home on the lake and in town, my birthday and 4th of July bbq by the lake, lots of swimming and washing hair in the lake, visited splash pad in town, visited lake beach, spent a day at a metropark on the beach and splash pad, ice cream in the park, boat rides, frog and turtle catching, the farmer’s market, the Peony Gardens in the arboretum, lots of playgrounds, and two zoos. And there’s still time left!

Fall Bucket List

  1. Local orchard family fun weekend
  2. Apple picking and cider drinking
  3. Pumpkin picking and carving
  4. Renaissance Festival
  5. Trick or Treating
  6. Play in the leaves
  7. Watch Halloween themed movie/read Halloween books
  8. Catch up on leftover Summer Bucket list (more county fairs, horse riding, etc)

We could also throw things in there like “make leaf art” and “apple prints” but I feel like she’ll probably do that stuff in school.

Author: Mother of All Things

Mother by fostering, adoption, and marriage... wife to my best friend... Bay area critical care nurse... travel in my blood, reading in my bones, clean food on my mind!

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