goodbye crib, hello rocking chair

For the first time in over three years, we have no crib in the house. Instead, we have a recliner/rocking chair for rocking in when M has her fits. She had two more on Tuesday, both related to sleeping when she wasn’t ready and/or willing. We cut out nap times on Wednesday and Thursday, and it was a good plan. She went to bed at bedtime with no problem. So no more naps, unless she naps for 45 minutes at school, but that’s all her nap time will be from now on. God, my baby is for real not a baby anymore!

We have an appointment with “The Healing Place”, a local practice that treats behavioral and psychological conditions across the lifespan. Specifically, we will be seeing a therapist who works with ages 0-3. I was unable to get into the clinic I wanted originally, which is through our own healthcare system and has a lot of experience with foster/adopt and substance-exposed children. Hopefully this practitioner will at least give me some perspective, if nothing else. If I’m worried about nothing, that would be good to know. If she has new or good suggestions about how to manage this behavior, that would also be great. Mostly, I just want someone to say, “This is normal, this might not be, let’s do a, b, and c, and everything will be ok”.

I wrote her new teacher a letter describing her background, our home life, and what we’re working on. My hope is that they will communicate frequently with me so that we can work together to create consistency between home and school. I’d like to continue working on whatever she’s working on at school (not hitting, putting things away, whatever) and also let the teachers know what she’s been doing at home. She’ll be in this class for the next three years, so there is supposed to be a very individual, whole-child approach here. Let’s hope it works out!

I’m nervous as can be about her first day. The drop off policy is that the cute little nun will greet M at the door, but I won’t enter the classroom with her. I’m 99% sure she’s going to cry, which means I also will be crying as I leave. She’s a baby compared to some of those older kids! Then I pick her up from the playground in the afternoon. In a way, I’m glad there is a division between parents and the classroom. It might help her, as it’s me she likes to push limits with.

Speaking of nuns, they granted me 21% off of our total tuition for the year! God I do love those nuns. They are all so peaceful, projecting love and light, and now they’ve gone and given me money! Basically, for five full days I’m paying $50 more per month than I paid for two full days. Woot!

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8 thoughts on “goodbye crib, hello rocking chair”

  1. No more naps! I’ve heard of kids around this age dropping them. Evie isn’t ready. And me? I’m really not ready for that day. You seem at peace with it (?).

    That’s great about The Healing Place! When do you go?

    1. I am very sad about it! I love naps, way more than she ever has. But since she’ll be at school until 3pm every day, I can have my nap if I want it!

      Our first appointment is next week. Very interested to see how it turns out…

    1. I’m not sure what you mean… Early intervention in this state is Early On and she has been evaluated by them throughout foster care and pre adoption and “cleared”. I was told they provide services for children 3 and under who have developmental delays, not behavioral issues related to trauma or personal relationship building with parents.

  2. We are experiencing similar issues with N and his coping with anger. His immediate response to anything that frustrates him is to scream! At his last pediatrician appt she said to contact the adoption worker to get some services in the form of counseling a child with his kind of temperament. The exposure our kids had in utero can really create havoc on emotional development.

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