first day of school

A lot of things went well this morning. And it’s 1:16pm and I haven’t gotten a “come get her!” phone call, so I count that as a win, too. Our new routine that we started Saturday has worked wonders for bedtime. No naps, no sugar (or simple carbs) after six, no TV after seven, and M is out like a light with no fussing or fighting soon after eight. Miracles, I tell ya! Also nice not to contend with getting beaten when I’m ready to go to bed.

This morning, however, the child was up and ready for the day at 5:30. What the what??? She must be excited about school. She’s going to be too pooped to poop after she gets home, that’s for sure. But anyway, we got “up” (meaning I turned on lights and got out of bed) at seven per the plan, she got dressed willingly but only because I told her I would let her “cook” her own egg after she got dressed, we cooked said egg, and she had her “high in protein, low in simple carbs” breakfast of scrambled egg with cheese and honey greek yogurt with organic granola, although she didn’t eat a whole lot of it. She brushed her teeth/ate the toothpaste, I did her hair while she was distracted with playing in the sink, she put on her brand new sparkly Frozen socks and light-up Sofia the First shoes (she thinks she’s the shit now), we took 50 blurry back-to-school photos and two acceptable ones, and we were off!

We’ve been reading “school” story books before bed, and I’ve been talking to her about going to school. We talked about it again in the morning and walking into school. “You’re going to school! You’ll have fun! You’ll listen to the teachers with your ears, you’ll look with your eyes, and you’ll play nice with your new friends.” We have two things going for us: 1) M has been going to her old school since she was 18 months old, full days since January, so she is used to going to school and having “fun”, and 2) she was excited to go “bye-bye” this morning, wear her Dora backpack, and “play and have fun” at school.

Much to my OCD delight, I was given detailed instructions about what to send (extra underwear, pants, shirt, and socks in labeled zip-lock plastic bag, classroom slippers, pillow and blanket in tote bag for nap), and for how drop off would go. They had also handed out a scholarly article about preschool drop-offs for minimal drama (love!). We met Sister Vicky at the door where she gave each student a sticker name tag. M was not that interested in hugging me, she wanted to get into the classroom and “play”. But I hugged her, said “bye bye! I’ll be back later!” like we practiced at home, and off she went… then that terrible moment when she realizes you aren’t coming, her face dissolves into sobs, and… the nun waves you away, saying “She’ll be ok, mom!” I know, I know. But will *I* be ok???

All day I’ve had a migraine, but my stomach has also been in knots. What is she doing? Is she crying? Is she hitting or pushing other kids? Do the teachers like her? The nun likes her at least, right? Nuns like everyone, right? Will she be a hot mess tonight? Will she refuse to go tomorrow morning because she’s so traumatized by being left in a new place? Will they tell me we have to move her to another type of (play-based, daycare) class because she’s not listening? Or suggest she do half-days only for now? Will they tell us anything at all about how her day went at pick-up??? On and on, etc. etc.

Lordy, this first day of school has been hard on her mom. Hope it’s been better to her!

Author: Mother of All Things

Mother by fostering, adoption, and marriage... wife to my best friend... Bay area critical care nurse... travel in my blood, reading in my bones, clean food on my mind!

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