magic beans, Toronto edition

So, what did we do on our Canadian adventure, where we once again caught up with fellow blogger and amazing woman Lindsay from Solo Mama Life? Needless to say, our two tots enjoyed socializing while us moms kicked back and relaxed. We all slept in late in the morning, rose to drink coffee while the girls shared their dolls and toys, and then headed out hand-in-hand to ride “choo choos” (subways) and explore parks. The girls played independently at the playground for hours while Lindsay and I ate a grown-up sushi picnic from a short distance away, catching up and lounging around as the girls just did their thing.

The little darlings just entertaining themselves
The little darlings just entertaining themselves

When the girls were ready to leave (their request, of course), we all joined hands again and peacefully made our way to the library, where we enjoyed many quiet stories and took turns beautifully with the dial-a-book phone. Our quiet dinner at home was made up of kale chips (M’s choice) and broccoli (Ev’s choice), and of course they refused french fries or chicken nuggets because they were just too satisfied with the vegetables. Oh, I don’t want to forget to mention that we hung out twice with Evie’s bestie Henry Moon, and it was amazing to see a threesome who got on so well. No competing for attention, hair-pulling, biting, or hurt feelings!

Three children who never fight! Or cry!  Or whine!
Three children who never fight! Or cry! Or whine!

At night our girls fell asleep nice and early, and we didn’t hear a peep out of them as we drank our wine and enjoyed adult conversation about literature, art, and of course, sustainable food sources and peaceful parenting. We wouldn’t want to turn our little angels into demons with chemicals in our food, now would we? Never! Nor would we ever yell at them, or have to run after them and grab them. Our respectful method of parenting eliminates this sort of behavior form the start, anyhow. After all of this delightful conversation, we snuggled back in with our girls and slept the rest of the night away, waking up at 10 am and wondering why our girls hadn’t woken us up yet. Well, they had decided to watch a few toons and do some puzzles while letting us sleep. They even helped themselves to organic fruit for breakfast. What bliss!

Naturally, she slept almost the whole way there (all 7 hours) and still slept all night when we got there!
Naturally, she slept almost the whole way there (all 7 hours) and still slept all night when we got there!


Aaaaaand… if you believe all of that, I know a peddler with a handful of magic beans to sell you!!!

There are quite a few elements of truth to this little tale (the kale chips and broccoli were a real part of dinner, as were many endearing moments of affection and sharing) but most of it is the stuff of mommy fantasies. I’ll turn it over to Lindsay for a more “fair and balanced” story!

I do want to add that we actually had a really, really good time! The kids, all of them, actually did very well (taking into account that by nature of their two-year-old selves, there will be rough spots), and it was truthfully very sweet to see them play together most of the time. We didn’t do any sightseeing, but who needs that??? This was a social call. That being said, M and I thoroughly enjoyed our very temporary city life. I do believe we both have city hearts stuck in country bodies. What are we country bumpkin chicks to do but keep begging our city friends to let us come crash every now and again? Toronto has an awesome vibe, one that I felt hummed with energy while at the same time reveals its laid-back nature at every turn. Hope we get to go back again!

The cutest girls in Toronto
The cutest girls in Toronto

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3 thoughts on “magic beans, Toronto edition”

  1. HA! You did the magic beans version better than I ever could have. I’m working on my mine. 😉 You did forget to mention that the girls voluntarily cleaned up their toys immediately after using them!

    We’re glad you came and enjoyed the Toronto vibe!

  2. 😉 Sounds wonderful! If those magic beans are the reasons they behaved so beautifully, perhaps you could market them at a fair price?!

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