the hippies and the Amish

Well, we are truly on our way to being real, live hippies now. Our first co-op order was a little messed up because I was out of town the whole weekend and didn’t get home in time to submit it. I did add our name to some cases of food that needed filling, so we ended up with bananas and avocados. At the farm where we pick up our orders, I found the dreadlocked, baby-wearing, homeschooling, natural-eating, essential-oil using group of people I never knew existed in my area. There they are, in all their bare-footed glory! There they are with all their goats, chickens, and other farm animals roaming about. And don’t forget the bare-footed children (mind you, it was 50 degrees out). M has found her tribe, I think, except she was trying to beat back a chicken with a stick and take a (free-roaming) dog for a walk on a leash that he had no interest in.

Our true city-girl hearts are going to come through at some point.

So I’ll order more actual fruits and vegetables next week, but with the cowshare we have plenty of milk. We also don’t go through eggs very quickly so we won’t be needing any for some time. I have a freezer full of chicken so we don’t need meat right now either. Basically, I’m going to use up what I have before replacing it with local, raw alternatives. We DID need bread and cheese, however, so today it was off to nearby Amish country. They had an impressive selection of baked goods at their bakery, plus a lot of bulk grains, and produce from their gardens. M loves the homemade bread (who doesn’t?!) and I love that they let you grab a cup of coffee from their thermos in the store! Why haven’t I been shopping here before???

Amish country is a whole ‘nother world, and I love visiting. It’s like being an explorer and a tourist right in my backyard.

Clothing drying in the chilly October breeze
Clothing drying in the chilly October breeze
The silhouettes of Amish buggies in the morning sunshine
The silhouettes of Amish buggies in the morning sunshine
Amish baked goods
Amish baked goods, with a window into the kitchen where they were still baking
Friday is pie day... 75 cents a piece! Pie for everyone!
Friday is pie day… 75 cents a piece! Pie for everyone! As you can see, they were going quickly.
This is our view
This is our view

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