The hunt for no packaging

I am reading Zero Waste Home, and find it quite overwhelming. I’m not sure I’ll ever get to the level of waste reduction that this family did, but it’s inspiring me to make changes nonetheless. Today I was on the hunt for bulk foods that I could buy with my own containers. I came up with nothing locally, except a lady with a stand at the farmer’s market who sells nuts and some other bulk stuff. She is interested in doing this kind of thing in our city, and I hope she does! I’m looking for spices and other baking ingredients, as well as cereals and granola.

I found homemade butter at the same market, wrapped in paper,  which is at least much better than plastic tubs. Our Cowshare farm is not currently selling butter, and making it myself doesn’t really sound like my cup of tea.

Another person I found at the market was a lady who makes her own soaps and lotions. I don’t need soap or lotion, but she is going to make shampoo and conditioner for me, and reuse my same containers! I can pick them up at her store or at the market.

And finally, a lovely older gentleman with a bakery became completely befuddled when I asked if I could pick up bread from his bakery without any packaging… He kept saying things like, “just throw the packaging away when you get home” and I’d be like, no, I’m trying not to use any packaging and not have to throw anything away! I’m pretty sure he was still confused when I left. Maybe I’ll have better luck with the Amish.

This is a daily market in a parking lot down the street from M’s school, a great place to refill shampoo, butter, and maybe more.

Author: Mother of All Things

Mother by fostering, adoption, and marriage... wife to my best friend... Bay area critical care nurse... travel in my blood, reading in my bones, clean food on my mind!

3 thoughts on “The hunt for no packaging”

  1. Impressive! I made reusable net bags for a friend for bulk food. I didn’t put a tie on them because it would weigh more. I will send you some if you want! I try to buy things in bigger packages like cartons of yogurt, huge bags of rice. I think our culture has grown way too used to throwing everything away.

    1. oh net bags are really great for produce! I’d love some!

      People mostly just seem confused when I ask them not to give me a bag, if I can get like a baked good item without packaging, and they insist that they have to give me a label and a receipt.

      1. Email me your address and Wallace and I will walk to the post office with it tomorrow. Twist can be reused a bunch of times or you could come up with a little cord or tie. I think a lot of things are requirements for sale and sanitary purposes. There are so many regulations!

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