a weekend without dairy

We are surviving. M does occasionally ask for “milk!” when sleepy, and likes the almond milk better than coconut milk, but only drinks about 1/4th a bottle of it (with real milk, she would drink the whole bottle then ask for another one!). She has also asked for “cheese”, and I gave her some daiya (both the block and the slices) but it is SO disgusting. I put it in a sandwich and she ate most of the sandwich, but I could tell she was thinking, “something’s not right about this cheese”. I even tried it in a quesadilla at a very good vegan restaurant and still… GAG. She had a vegan hot dog, but it wasn’t MorningStar brand and I thought it tasted kinda yuck. She ate part of it. We used to eat turkey dogs but now I’m not doing processed meat at all so… we may do Morning Star again from time to time, because she loves hot dogs.

I thought the doc told me to do her iodine drops in two cups of liquid. Turns out it only has to be diluted in two ounces of liquid, which makes a significant difference when it comes to making sure she’s getting a full dose. After researching all of this as thoroughly as I can (internet, books, etc) I’ve decided to start the iodine protocol myself with sea salt and iodoral. (Here’s a good article: Bromines: Avoid This If You Want to Keep Your Thyroid Healthy, and if you’re further interested, you can google the iodine protocol or read any of Dr. Brownstein’s books.)

I have done a lot of cooking (well, a lot for me), but after eating organic homemade sweet potato fries (delicious), roasted asparagus (ohmygod so good), kale chips, etc etc I started to crave processed food so bad it hurt. I’ve also felt woozy and thick-headed, sluggish, and just generally fatigued. Not a good feeling but I hope it’s because I’m detoxing off of the usual amounts of crap in our normal foods (and we didn’t even eat fast food or frozen!).

I haven’t noticed any discernible changes in M’s sleeping, toileting, or behavior after a few days off of dairy. I hope that continues through the two week period so we can eat some cheese and regular yogurt again! We won’t be going back to milk no matter what, and it will be organic and local dairy products as much as possible. I would just like to be able to cook something with cheese in it, once in a while.

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7 thoughts on “a weekend without dairy”

  1. Is the iodine expensive? Can just anyone get it or do they need a prescription?

    You’re doing such a great job with all of this – making healthy meals, etc…

    1. You don’t need a prescription, but physician’s recommend either Lugol’s drops or iodoral (Lugol’s in pill form) and also recommended is flushing bromides from your system with the salt protocol. I’d have M do it but there’s no way she’ll drink warm salt water.

  2. It can take up to three months to get dairy out of your system. And the fake meat products are just as bad as the normal ones. If you can’t read the ingredients, don’t eat it. Look up hotdog carrots. I haven’t made them yet but I’ve been told they’re good! If there could be a hormonal issue, staying away from soy would be a good idea. It’s hard but it’s totally worth it and you both will feel better! I still crave dairy and sugar but it’s not nearly as bad as it was. As soon as Wallace weans, I will be doing a candida cleanse.

    1. We rarely eat soy. I haven’t eaten Morning Star hot dogs in a while, but I like them. Otherwise I can’t think of anything else with soy that I eat. I don’t think it’s the end of the world to eat a bit here or there, as long as it’s not addictive or causing something harmful to happen. It’s just hard to know how much is too much, so if there’s a true intolerance elimination is the only way to find out.

      1. Yeh I am on the fence with soy too. I like tofu and we were eating organic tofu about once a week. I miss it but I’m giving it a try since that is what the ND told me. I have had it here and there in things and still have soy based tamari sauce in the rotation. I have been vegetarian 5 times, 6 if you count my attempt in chicago. I used to eat all the fake meat stuff, especially my first long stint meat free. Now, a lot of them are wheat based so they are ruled out anyway. It’s hard even for me to avoid all processed foods or quick frozen options. We had gf frozen pancakes from aldi today, my one bad purchase this week. I wish I could remember the fake mozzarella I was using in Chicago. It was good on pizza.

  3. Agreed with above, sometimes miso soup just hits the spot.
    I’ve never found a cheese replacement that did us any good. Luckily I did discover that while G can’t have cow products she can have goat! She’s all about the goat cheese! What what! Enchiladas, a bizzaro hippie Mac and cheese, it’s all good here! She even just had her first grilled cheese because we found some bomb melty jack. I wish you luck on your journey!

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