a bundle of fun

I’ve blogged before about how much fun my daughter is. Honestly, she’s up for anything, the first one to the party, the last to leave! Although she is an extrovert, and I’m not, I happen to love going on adventures anyway. Although our personalities seem opposite at first glance, we actually compliment each other very well. We both crave new experiences, and we are never happier than when we are out exploring a different park, neighborhood, store, museum, zoo, etc.

Despite winter being upon us, we haven’t slowed down our adventuring one bit! We have been to children’s museums, parks, libraries, Halloween spooky walks, two trick-or-treats, orchards, corn mazes, a dinosaur event, fall festivals, and of course, to Toronto. We will be attending the holiday parade and seeing Santa in our home town tomorrow, going to the dinosaur IMAX movie and science center event this weekend, my dad will be in town, and after Thanksgiving we’ll be seeing The Good Dinosaur. Next week we are flying out to Vermont to see one of my best friends, and we will be visiting some new science museums and farms there!

A couple days ago we ended up at one of my favorite zoos, which we hadn’t been to yet this year. It was sweatshirt weather (warm for November), and this huge zoo had only a handful of visitors. We practically had the whole place to ourselves, and we had a great time!

Taking a walk in the butterfly conservatory
These swinging chains were tons of fun
Taking a walk in the butterfly conservatory

M enjoyed watching the zoo workers more than anything. They were setting up the Christmas light displays, and my little mechanic was eager to help. She quickly took apart the light fixtures… and then put them back together! She eagerly volunteered her assistance whenever she came upon an employe, “I help you? I help you! Here!” Forget the animals, right?


The reptile house was the favorite. Not only were there “baby dinosaurs” (small iguanas), but also “croco-alligators” (M’s own word for either a crocodile or alligator) and a humongous python. She really wanted me to let her go into the python cage, and I have a video of her demanding, “open it, please? Open it!” No fear.

Do frogs have teeth?
Why oh why can’t mommy just open the cage?!

We stayed until the zoo closed, without even seeing some of it. We met moms who homeschool, and other parents of young children just having fun. M dropped her shoe into the giraffe yard, and I retrieved it by jumping the fence (10 seconds, tops). She then threw the shoe back over the fence after I had retrieved it… stinker! She was very hopeful she would get to come in and get it out. Fortunately for me, the giraffes were far off in the distance, and the shoe was right there on the other side of the fence just out of reach. This kid… she sure keeps life interesting!

Author: Mother of All Things

Mother by fostering, adoption, and marriage... wife to my best friend... Bay area critical care nurse... travel in my blood, reading in my bones, clean food on my mind!

3 thoughts on “a bundle of fun”

  1. I love all of the adventures you two go on! So many kids don’t see much beyond the same 4 walls in their homes, or their local parks and that’s it. But Mariah lives a life of adventure and exploration. That’s the good life!

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