“No! I don’t wanna!”

This last week of parenting can be described as a constant battle. M has been non-stop oppositional.

M, let’s get dressed. No! I don’t wanna get dressed! *runs off in another direction*
M, we have to get in the car, it’s cold out here. No! I don’t wanna get in the car! *tries to run in opposite direction*
M, come on, get out of the car, we’re here. No! I don’t wanna get out!
Time to put your pajamas on. No! I don’t wanna put my pajamas on! *runs*

You get the idea. Also, doing crazy things, like eating rice with her hands and squishing it all around, spreading food all over her stomach, dumping drinks out, throwing things, antagonizing the cats, etc etc etc. This started at the tail end of the non-dairy period, and has continued into it. It doesn’t coordinate with dairy at all. She’s not had candy or pop or chemicals. Nothing about our routine has changed. She’s had quality time with me and lots of attention.

Last night I was hunched over a bottle of wine, ready to have her in bed, asleep, and start watching X-File reruns. I needed to be off duty. I needed to have a thought that wasn’t interrupted by “No!” or whining or crying or begging.

I came to work today only to start feeling sick, like congested and feverish sick. Looks like Thanksgiving will suck for that reason. I hope I feel better enough to work three 12s in a row this weekend before our trip to Vermont!

Author: Mother of All Things

Mother by fostering, adoption, and marriage... wife to my best friend... Bay area critical care nurse... travel in my blood, reading in my bones, clean food on my mind!

3 thoughts on ““No! I don’t wanna!””

  1. I really hope you can nip whatever it is that you’re catching in the bud. You don’t need to be sick right now!

    I hope this contrary stuff M is going through is temporary and sanity can be restored soon. I mean surely she’ll eventually figure out that fighting you on everything isn’t gonna change a damn thing!

  2. My dad used to wrap my niece in a blanket, put her clothes in the car and take her places that way. I’m assuming he or my mom (who usually watched her) would dress her later.

    Another guy gave him the suggestion. She always battled putting on clothes in the morning.

    My dad was also the one to figure out she hated to be restricted and bought her seamless socks. It took her years to button her pants. I’m not sure she wears a belt even now. This could possibly be what is going on with M.

  3. Toddler opposition is exhausting! We’ve had some rough days too. One day this week started with Wallace intentionally knocking over a glass of water on my floor by my bed. With part of my putting down my phone attempts (going so-so), I have been reading a book called I Love You Rituals. I think you would like it. The only thing that has helped with getting Wallace dressed about 90% of the time is me setting out his clothes the night before. He doesn’t get a choice anymore.

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