maybe I overdid Christmas already…

So, I’ve been asking around, trying to find out how many toys or presents people get their kids every year. I asked lots of different kinds of families, trying to basically see where I ended up. I haven’t “done Christmas” for real yet, because when M was 9 months old and 21 months old, I didn’t get her anything, and she had no idea. Foster care provided her with some gifts the first year, and the second year other people gave her some things, but it wasn’t much and she didn’t care. Whatever I thought she wanted and would enjoy, I just got her when I thought of it. For the record, we frequently go to toy stores to “play” and she doesn’t beg me or even ask for me to buy her anything before we leave.

This year, I’m giddily anticipating Christmas morning, mostly because she has no expectations but she will REALLY be amazed when she comes out and sees gifts under the tree. This is almost more fun than being a kid, myself! I’ve decided not to discuss Santa one way or another. I’m sure in future years it will come up, but if she wants to believe, she can. If she wants me to tell her the truth, I will. We’ll play it by ear, but I’m not going to be using Santa as a threat or even really say that the presents are from Santa.

As excited as I am, I think I may have gone a bit overboard on presents. Not as overboard as some people, but overboard for me. For her stocking, I got: Anna and Elsa mini figures with snap on dresses, a Sofia the First mermaid bath toy, new bath crayons (had to pitch the old ones), chocolate kisses in a candy cane, a plastic pirate sword, and a Frozen watch (a very cheap one).

I got her two large gifts. One is a Melissa & Doug fold out castle, but I bought it used. For less than a fourth of the brand new price I got it with all of the furniture. It will be under the tree unwrapped. I also got her an art desk, with paper, scissors, washable paints, markers, stamps, etc. This will be set up with everything on it, also unwrapped, by the tree. For wrapped gifts she has a drill set (second-hand), a pretend make up set, hatching dinosaur eggs, a bucket of dino figurines (very cheap, used on ebay), and a build-your-own marble maze track, bought on clearance. Also, Mulan and Peter Pan movies (also used).

So very few things are brand new, and only one of the larger things was bought at full price (the art desk). I didn’t spend a lot of money at all, but it sure looks like a lot when written down. In my defense, she is not getting presents from my mom, and maybe something small from my grandma, and maybe something small from one or two other people. She will probably get a few hand-me-down toys from her cousin. I guess I felt like if she was going to get things she would actually use and play with for a long time, I would have to get them.

What do all of you buy for your kids for Christmas?


Author: Mother of All Things

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5 thoughts on “maybe I overdid Christmas already…”

  1. That doesn’t sound overboard to me. It might just feel that way since you didn’t get gifts last year. I am on a really limited budget and I he already got a bunch of toys at one family party (two duplo vehicle sets, a Fisher price helicopter toy, and then we got a RC car with money from my grandparents. There was a toy I am going to exchange because it is too baby for him.). I know pretty much what my mom is getting him and I’m just assuming my dad isn’t getting him much or doing anything with us. I have bought lacing cards and a 5 pack of matchbox I saw onsale at Aldi. I want to make him new GF playdough, fabric ABC magnets, and yoga cards and that might be pushing it for my timeframe.

  2. I have gone rather overboard and spent almost $200 on a brand new toys – Hello Kitty drum set, a doll, light up shoes, skittles set and make up set. For stocking stuffers I have bought an Eric Carle book, 2-3 paint books, a Hello Kitty necklace, X’Mas socks, a Melissa and Doug something or other, doubt it will fit in the stocking though and other things I don’t even remember. So ya, way over budget. I may save a thing or two to give her for her b’day in March.

  3. I have found this year challenging. Like M, Carter didn’t care a whole lot the last two years and there weren’t things that he really enjoyed. Last year he got a few hotwheels cars which he loves and he got a ride on motorcycle from my parents. Aside from that he just got a few little things here and there and it wasn’t a big deal. This year I’m ALWAYS seeing things that I know he would like. This is a trend I feel, not just at Christmas.
    The bigger struggle is that Daniela feels like we have to get Dylan equal gifts (though i think this is pretty silly). So far they are getting a doll house to share that I found on super sale back in october. Carter is getting a take-apart-car I bought second hand, squishy sand that was 75% off (!!!), a remo drum that was also a ridiculous sale, a camelbak water bottle, and a few books.
    Dylan is getting a hand-held light machine, a “bop-buddy”, some finger puppets, squishy sand that she might try to eat, a camelbak, and some books.
    My parents are getting Carter paw patrol figurines and probably some clothes and books and who knows what they are getting Dylan…probably a tennis racquet.

    I also accidentally got a Hape Rocketship Discovery Centre with airmile points (kind of like credit card points but not redeemable for money) but I will save this for Carter’s birthday.
    I have cars, toothbrushes, stickers, temporary tattoos to go in their stockings.

    In the end it’s more than I thought I wanted to get them but somehow way less than all the things I’ve seen that I’ve felt really eager to buy them.

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