preparing for the future

So far, so good at home. My grandpa is comfortable and happy, sleeping most of the time, at home. M loves to help take care of him, and will empty his NG suction cannister for me (it grosses the caregivers out, my girl has the stomach of a nurse!) and can even hook his NG up to suction! I lift her over the rail so she can kiss him, but for hugs she is a little too rough, so she hugs a teddy bear who then hugs grandpa for her. My grandmother visited the ER with chest pain, but she came home the same day. False alarm.

We’ve also had visits from the funeral home to get everything in place. All of this feels like play-acting, to me. My grandpa sleeps in his room, like always, and nothing feels like it’s really going to happen.

I know that it will happen, however, and I’m getting ready for the day I cut the cord with living in the boonies and working at the same place, take my daughter and become a full-time nomad. I’ve been re-doing all of my nursing certifications to get them current (most travel nurses are required to have several certifications), as well as preparing to join the float pool for experience in other types of ICUs. I’m also going to go ahead and get my nursing license by endorsement in my top destinations: Alaska and the Virgin Islands. I want to be able to GO and also make myself very marketable when the opportunity comes. Anchorage or St. Thomas will be our first “new” home, because I always say go big or go home!

M is super excited for her birthday. She talks constantly about her “Arlo cake”. The dye-free sprinkles arrived, along with the Arlo figurine that will go on the cake, the organic dye-free frosting, and Arlo themed paper plates. It’s all about the Arlo cake, for her, and “getting bigger”. I’ve done e-vites for our little party at the YMCA, which includes swimming, and I think it will be really fun!

M (holding the package that contained the sprinkles and stuff): “I’m going to open it with scissors. And a knife! And a fork!”

Author: Mother of All Things

Mother by fostering, adoption, and marriage... wife to my best friend... Bay area critical care nurse... travel in my blood, reading in my bones, clean food on my mind!

3 thoughts on “preparing for the future”

  1. I would like this post except for the impending loss of a loved one. I have a friend who moved to St Thomas. Keep that in mind when you get the that stage and I can get you two in touch.

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