“I sing you to me”

Quote from the movie Australia with that fantastic little kid (Brandon Walters) who has gulapa magic.

I am feeling closer to the mystical, intangible side of existence right now. Somehow I maintain my day-to-day responsibilities while also feeling a second-by-second heightened awareness of the energies around me, the messages coming in to me, and from me. I feel a sense of knowing that has come to me at certain points in my life, and I settle into it, startled at the willful way in which I’ve blindly navigated the past decade, and yet also immensely graceful that I didn’t totally fuck everything up (I have M, afterall, and she’s truly amazing).

Speaking of her, the director of her preschool as well as her teacher have agreed to let M eat lunch with her classmates at school (her pick-up time had been directly preceding lunch). This is great because M is always starving when I pick her up from school, and she eats lunch in the car out of a lunch box (not ideal, for sure). I’ve seen lunch at her school once when we were waiting for a tow truck and they let us join. She sits at a round table with her friends and teachers, and they take turns passing the dishes and serving themselves and each other (as opposed to just picking up a tray from a counter). The teacher provides fresh salads, fruits, and vegetables with every entree in dinnerware platters and bowls. It’s not at all your typical school lunch, but a community even where the “family” sits down together and talks about food, nutrition, and what it means to eat together. This will also give me and my mom an extra half hour as well as freedom from putting a lunch together every day. Yay!

The teacher also wrote me an email telling me how happy M is in the class lately, affectionate and very concerned about any classmate who seems distressed, always offering to help or trying to make them feel better. She says M likes to play Bingo now, playing geometric shapes, listening to stories, and really loves being with her friends. She says that my little girl is “growing into a truly exquisite human being!!!” And I absolutely agree. I’m so grateful for a preschool that is anything but school, but rather a community that provides my daughter with a safe and loving environment within which to explore her world and her self. It’s a rare thing, and I couldn’t be happier that she is spending some of her most formative years with this group of people.

Author: Mother of All Things

Mother by fostering, adoption, and marriage... wife to my best friend... Bay area critical care nurse... travel in my blood, reading in my bones, clean food on my mind!

2 thoughts on ““I sing you to me””

  1. Finding that community feel at school is so important for young kids, I think. Evelyn’s school is the same way (they also do lunch that way!) and even I (who really prefers to stick to one or two people I know) can appreciate the community feel of the place.

    I wonder if there’s an important ‘download’ or message you’re meant to get from the other side that you’ll receive soon. I just wonder what the reason is for the veil thinning a bit for you. Surely there is a reason for it. Or maybe you’ve already picked up the message(s) you’re meant to get.

    Sometimes I think the whole talk of ascension is hog wash but that does seem a bit like what you’re going through. Kind of “leveling up” on a soul level.

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