days on the lake

Summer finally decided to come and stay awhile. Tuesday was one of those amazing lake days that make me love being here (such a rare thing) and love our life here. It’s only for a few months, but it can be wonderful while it lasts. Watching my daughter truly revel in the wonders of nature the way I did growing up in this very place warms me to the core. She swims whenever she wants, wears her bathing suit all day, collects stones and shells, spends countless hours catching turtles and frogs in the pond, runs wild through the grass, goes out on the boat (with me of course), helps me with the plants, swings on the tree swing and slides down the slide, digs in the sand, goes for ice cream at the shop down the street, and hangs out with the neighbors on their patios and decks. It’s definitely a wonderful place to be a kid.

As for me, I felt almost healthy after planting all my flower boxes (8 of them!) and half the raised beds, and taking a long walk down for ice cream and then around the whole lake. It felt like I was doing the right thing for my body. Thanks to taking my paxil again, I also felt content and pretty happy. We live for summers, and summer is here!

Raised bed planting
Ice cream is a 20 minute walk away
Trying to make friends at the public park on our lake
This kid… she gets along with almost everyone, and grown ups usually love her! We just made friends with these people on their blankets at the park
Neighbor’s young adult son had all his buddies over… but M kept them busy with frog catching! It’s amazing how people take to M.
We’re lucky to have neighbors on both sides who love M, look out for her, and even play with her!
The sun sets on a wonderful day

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Mother by fostering, adoption, and marriage... wife to my best friend... Bay area critical care nurse... travel in my blood, reading in my bones, clean food on my mind!

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