no more toddler

My daughter road her bike (with training wheels) 1.75 miles at the park yesterday. She did have several stops at playgrounds and gardens, but I never in a million years would’ve thought that she would ride the whole loop. I was so sure that she would want to get off and ride halfway through that I made my sister bring a bike lock so we could come back for it with the car. Had it not been for her older cousin riding in front of her, the person she most idolizes, I doubt it would’ve happened, but my niece is a great influence and inspiration to M!


After dinner when we got back to my sister’s, she rode her bike the entire time we walked the dog and several times around my sister’s block. She’s a bike riding machine! I look at her and think, wow, she’s a little girl. The toddler is all gone. She’s long and lean and strong and doing things like riding bikes and scooters and playing real games and asking questions all the time. She’s a preschooler now.


And she’s growing like a weed. Lately she’s been tripping and falling so much that I’m sure either her legs or feet are getting bigger before she can adjust. She’s got several scrapes and a decent bump and bruise across her nose. She does get right back on that horse, though!

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One thought on “no more toddler”

  1. Carter has been falling about once every 3mins. He’s never been so covered in bruises. The falls are so much more noticeable when they are moving so fast all the time! I was just finishing up a post about the magic of the bike!

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