summer plans!

Summer is upon us and we have lots to look forward to! Not only are we exploring local parks and trails (on bikes now, too!), visiting our favorite zoos, and taking advantage of our lakeside home, but we have travel plans on the horizon. My mood is a million times better with travel to look forward to (and not messing with my paxil helps)!

Niagara Falls
We are meeting with friends for two nights on the Canada side of Niagara falls- my first visit, and M’s too, of course. We are also going to be camping. People who know me well might chuckle, because I’ve never been a huge fan of living outdoors in the elements, but we sprung for a simple cabin, and that makes me happy. Still- starting a fire, using a camp stove, sleeping in sleeping bags with no indoor heat, and all of that will be the first time in a long time I’ve camped, and the first time I’ve done so with a kid. Not that a KOA campsite is really roughing it… I mean, we will have the cabin, access to a store with firewood and other stuff, plenty of people to help us with the fire, and lots of access to swimming pools, jump pads, and playgrounds. I think the girls will love it, though! Personally, I’m excited to see the falls, finally, and do some of the fun touristy stuff.

Fourth of July with the Fam

Our New Jersey family will be back, this time with even more kids, and we will be having a large campfire/lakeside Fourth of July celebration at my place, complete with our own fireworks display (that my lake puts on every year), preceded by our local town’s firework celebration and fireworks, and local village parade in the morning!

Theme Park and Beach (and more camping)

Not much more than a week later my sister and I are taking the girls tent camping near Lake Michigan. I think my sister just wants to spend the night laughing at me complaining about the damp, chilly night in a tent. The following morning we are hitting up a small amusement/water park. M really loves rides these days, so it’ll be a good time.

Cousin Reunion

We are planning another lakeside grill-out and campfire for all of the cousins on my dads side!

Train Trip to Chicago

I’m planning to take an overnight mommy/daughter trip on the train to Chicago, spend the night, see Shedd Aquarium, Navy Pier, and maybe a museum, and come back on the train.

San Francisco friend visit

The first week of August we’ll spend the better part of the week with my best Nepali friend, who had her 2nd son last month. They just moved back to California from Vermont! I’m sure we’ll find plenty to do there!

New Jersey relative visit

Just before school starts, we will head to the East Coast and stay with our New Jersey relatives. I’m even planning to sneak in a day trip to Manhattan!

Summer Day Care

In between all of this fun, I still have to work. I just got the news that M is able to join the 3/4-year-old daycare room at her own school. This is great because a) it’s very affordable, b) they will work with my often changing schedule, and c) M already knows the teachers and feels at home in the school.

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