Niagara posts are up!


We had a ton of fun at Niagara Falls this past weekend! As always, I am itching to go to new places and see impressive things, and the falls are very impressive. The area around it is touristy and crowded and pricey, but I don’t mind tourists or crowds, and we weren’t there long enough to rack up too big a bill, so I was happy. We also had a great experience at the KOA campground there, and it’s safe to say I’ll be looking at KOA camping in the future!


My posts are on my travel blog Across the Never Sky:
Camping is the Way to Go with Kids: Why we’d choose KOA or similar campgrounds over hotels any day from now on!
Niagara Falls on a Summer Weekend: A blow-by-blow of what we did at the falls.


I enjoyed all of the activities, especially Journey Behind the Falls and the cheesy stuff on Clifton Hill, and I loved camping with M. She has just learned to swim under water without any floaties, and it was a pleasure to watch her swim like it was her job as long as she could at the camp pool. Three-year-olds take pleasure in the little things, so for her I’d say the highlights were, in this order:
1) The pool and jump pads at camp
2) Riding the bus to and from activities
3) Kinder eggs

Yes, kinder eggs. They are banned in the US, but she has watched endless hours of youtube videos where someone behind a camera opens these babies, and when she spotted them in a gift shop on the last day, it was all over! She ended up getting three before the day was done. She’s been asking when she can have another one ever since! Not til we’re in Canada again, kid.


Our drive was supposed to be 5 1/2 hours long, but with a three hour wait at the Canadian border, it turned into over 8 hours of travel time. M was a champ: she didn’t pee herself once, and only had a meltdown in our 3 hour traffic jam (didn’t blame her). The rest of the driving she was stellar… played on her ipad, read books, and napped. Although she was up for anything during the day, at night she got homesick and requested repeatedly to “go home”. Especially the first night, when it was so hot and humid in the cabin that it was difficult to sleep.

We got home and M was happy to see her grandma and sleep in her own bed, but I am bummed. When I’m at home, all I see is work when I look around. House work, yard work, etc and so on. I can’t wait til our next escape!

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