the money hole

I’m getting nowhere, financially. Somehow I keep spending more than I make.

I get paid about $2900 per month, with taxes, insurance, union dues, and parking taken out. I have the following expenses per month:

$349 car payment
$190 car insurance
$596 mortgage/homeowner’s insurance/property taxes
$230 student loans
$165 my mom and I’s cell phone, insurance, and data plans
$75 energy bill
$54 sewer/water bill
$65 cable internet
$300 child care (half-days preschool)
$190 discover card minimum payment
$8 netflix
$28 trash
$80 M’s swimming
This leaves $570 for everything else.

Gas is usually about $260 per month. (I fill my tank about twice a week as I literally live 50 miles from everything)
Groceries is usually $100 per week or $400 per month

I’m left with -$90. 

And there’s the usual… extra childcare, oil changes or tire repairs or other car things, buying food at work when I forget my lunch, doctor visit and prescription co-pays… etc and so on.

I’m falling behind and now have $16000 in credit card debt on top of the car and student loans. Picking up more shifts means needing more child care. I interviewed for a per diem job at the local hospital and never heard back. I’m hurting, man. I can’t see how to get out of this hole.

So I’m going to try to travel by the new year. I’m focusing on two places: San Francisco bay area (so as to be near to my friends there, and because I just love it with my whole heart) and New York City (I have relatives nearby there as well, and love it with my whole heart). Both places I feel will give me not only family and friends, but the best options for child care, as well as a large pool of hospitals to look for work in. I am wrapping up my applications for nursing licenses in California and New York and submitting them both by Monday. My take-home income will double this way, I’ll get to travel, but of course things will be a lot less secure… luckily my mom is willing to come with me a few weeks in new places to get us settled in! Gotta pay down this debt, and then we’re looking at being able to take lots of time off between contracts for international travel.

Author: Mother of All Things

Mother by fostering, adoption, and marriage... wife to my best friend... Bay area critical care nurse... travel in my blood, reading in my bones, clean food on my mind!

4 thoughts on “the money hole”

    1. I got rid of cable and my house phone. I have two phones with data on my cell phone but in our very rural area we are limited as to which services get a signal to us. With no house phone it’s dangerous to have no data and/or no signal. I’ve twisted it around every which way and I’ve paired it down from from over $200/mo to $160

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