travel life: it’s official!

I’ve been contending with one large hurdle to traveling: child care. Not only is it difficult to find on short notice, but with full-time day cares only open until 6pm Mon-Fri, I have to also rely on private nannies or babysitters. The costs of daycare plus babysitters easily eats up all of the difference between my permanent staff salary and the extra travel nurse money.

Today my mother agreed to travel with us as long as I can get M in some kind of childcare part of the day on week days. This is so huge! Not only is the financial burden substantially lifted, but the stress of needing childcare right away, or god forbid having a babysitter call in and having no child care, is gone!

My income will go from $2900 per month take home to something like $6,250 per month. From that I will have to deduct either company housing or whatever housing we find, even at the highest end of $2000 per month I’m still left with $4,250 with which to pay my home mortgage and taxes ($596), sewer bill ($54), health insurance (somewhere around $150),  student loans ($165), phone bill ($65), and car insurance ($190). Then assume $400 for groceries, and a lot less for gas since I won’t be in the boonies ($150) and keep the $80 in for M’s swimming lessons. Utilities, cable, and wifi are included in provided housing. I’m left with $2400. Assuming housing is less than that, we don’t spend that much on groceries and gas, and I find cheaper car insurance, it would hopefully be more.

Notice that number is significantly higher than the -$90 I currently come out with. Also notice that there is no energy bill as everything will be turned off at home while we’re gone, no trash bill, no minimum credit card payments because I’m going to have them paid off from some investments I have, no car payment because same, and less gas because I plan to use public transportation/bicycle/walking as much as possible and save the car for work if it’s too far or just sight-seeing. Also, am shopping around for a lower car insurance rate. And finally, I just switched from sprint to google fi for my phone, which saves me $100 per month.

Basically, I’ll be then paying for part-time child care, saving for in-between contracts ($800 per month x 3 months will give me $2400 for time off), $500 max for child care, some money for my mom as a thank you, and $1000 left over for incidentals, public transportation, fun stuff, and to create a savings, pay down debt, and invest. I intend to have three months worth of savings (about $7200) as an emergency fund before I begin paying off my mortgage and student loans. Once we’re debt free half will go towards investments, the other half towards all the home improvements I want to do on my lake house.

Just think, I’m not even breaking even right now and none of that would be possible if we stayed here. Plus, we’ll be on VACATION four whole days per week! My California and New York nursing licenses are submitted, my recruiters are informed of my preferences and start date… just gotta let the current boss know an exact last day. WELP.

I’m thinking just after Thanksgiving to get going. That will give me two contracts before summer officially starts and we’ll plan on returning home to Michigan then. In Michigan I will have to work a local contract, which will be an income more like I have right now. We will have much cheaper child care, however and won’t have to save that $800 for in between contracts.

Author: Mother of All Things

Mother by fostering, adoption, and marriage... wife to my best friend... Bay area critical care nurse... travel in my blood, reading in my bones, clean food on my mind!

4 thoughts on “travel life: it’s official!”

  1. Good for you! You’ve known this was the way to go for a while now, I’m so glad your mom chose to go with you!! Best of luck and I can’t wait to read about your adventures!!

  2. That is so awesome that your Mum will be helping out.
    It will so much fun and I’m sure you will make the most of your opportunities.

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