letting the cat out of the bag

I’ve started letting coworkers know I’m leaving by the end of December and plan to let my bosses know Tuesday (I have Monday off) to give them some idea of their hiring needs in a few months. While it feels so dangerously real, and terrifying, thinking of my financial situation right now makes me so glum. It would be glorious to be debt free, it would be insanely wonderful to know that when a vet bill, a car repair, or some other unexpected expense arises I would be able to pay for it. I know I have to do this. Leaving my permanent staff position feels like leaving the womb… but although it can feel like the end of the world, we all know it’s only a birth!

After spending less than $100 my last pay period (gas, groceries, activities), not including the vet bill, I am feeling encouraged. Strangely, my newfound hope has also given me a lift in other ways. I don’t dread cleaning the house or going to work right now. I feel like it’s only temporary. And instead of trudging through another very long and harsh rural Michigan winter, we will be setting up in a simple but uncluttered apartment on the coast of California, hitting beaches and forests in our spare time!

Right now, though, I’m tired but determined to do my hustle. (Hashtag hustle, haha.) I have set a deadline to be “move ready” by December 1st, meaning:

  1. Final sweeps of my grandma’s house for furniture and other items that we want to keep, including sentimental stuff
  2. Seal wrapping any antiques for storage
  3. Downsizing more clothes/toys/kitchenwares for donation, trash, or sale
  4. One more garage cleanse before putting things in for storage
  5. Switch to a bank that serves most major cities, especially in California, with overdraft protection and no fees
  6. Complete all doctor and dental appointments for myself, my mom, and M
  7. Stock up on contact lenses, update glasses prescription
  8. Withdraw investments for safety net nest egg
  9. Month of December: finish off all groceries and donate canned and dry goods left over, clean out fridge and freezer

I plan to start actively interviewing for jobs with recruiters in December, so I’ll also need to have my lists prepared: questions for the recruiter about the pay package, questions for the employer about the job and work environment, packing list for the move, etc.

Remember, from now to December 1st I also have two large trips: one to stay with family in New Jersey for 8 days in September, and three weeks in Nepal in October. So November will really be crunch time!

Author: Mother of All Things

Mother by fostering, adoption, and marriage... wife to my best friend... Bay area critical care nurse... travel in my blood, reading in my bones, clean food on my mind!

6 thoughts on “letting the cat out of the bag”

  1. I am very appreciative of your posts and how they expand my knowledge and understandings of the world and the pressures for your age group. Makes me a better voter among other things because my horizons/view is larger.
    You mention CA coastal areas. I hope you have figured in housing costs or that housing is provided because CA rental housing is mind blowingly expensive… I do not want you 3 jumping out of the pot and into the fire financially.
    The off set is how expanding of social skills and world views and experiences this will be for your daughter. I totally believe in and support your plan and vision. VERY BEST WISHES and total hopes that you continue to post.

    1. Yes housing is provided by the company… OR you can choose your own housing and they give you $2000-2500 per month tax free. I have found temporary housing online for $1500-2000 per month in San Francisco, keep in mind we’ll be in a 1 bedroom apartment, very small.

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