Now we’re going to be so free…

But freedom can be lonely.

I got my first ever travel contract… San Francisco! We’ll be living (and I’ll be working) right in the city! I can’t wait to bike to work, grocery shop a few blocks away, and be so close to parks. (Golden Gate Park will be less than a few blocks away.) We’re going to be real urbanites.

After the contract ends in April it’s back to Kathmandu for a month to 6 weeks. Then back to Michigan for some summer by my lake.

End of December we drive across the country and I’m going to take the southern route to avoid snow on the highway. St. Louis, to Amarillo, to Grand Canyon, to Las Vegas, to Yosemite, to SF! I wanted my sister to road trip with us, but alas she has pesky things like family in town for the holidays and back to work after. I’m going to be doing these things with my mom, but we’ll be on our own. A little gypsy family.

I can’t believe we’re actually doing it. Taking off and becoming gypsies. It’s so amazing and I just wish I had a pack of friends doing it, too!! But except for some really amazing bloggers that I read, I’m going this alone. People must think I’m crazy… This is a daydream, a pipe dream, right? Real single moms don’t just up and.take off. The timing isn’t right… There’s not enough money saved… The what ifs abound…

Well, here we go anyway. I only have one life, and I’ve watched too many well-meaning people die without ever really living. People put off their dreams with all kinds of practical and realistic excuses. Either you do this or you don’t… There’s no in between!

Ok universe, I’m leaping in perfect trust… Catch me if you can!

Author: Mother of All Things

Mother by fostering, adoption, and marriage... wife to my best friend... Bay area critical care nurse... travel in my blood, reading in my bones, clean food on my mind!

5 thoughts on “Now we’re going to be so free…”

  1. That is awesome. It is so true that people dont follow their dreams as they wait for that ideal time which often never comes. I live in Australia and we call it Agency nursing. I’m a Registered Nurse and for a 10 year period left my partner and almost grown children to work in other States. It was a good period of my life.
    My best tip is to become friendly with one person at work and then it ripples out to others. With a great attitude it cant go wrong at work.
    All the best for SF. Hope you find accommodation and everything you need quickly xx

  2. I’m in an RV family for solo parents. You aren’t alone! I am glad you are working to make your life what you want it. I am still struggling to make income work how I need it to get on the road.

  3. Remember I am out here (fosteringfrenzy on tumblr). I live on acres on the Sonoma Coast (Bodega/Occidental) and you’re welcome here with M and the girls and I would be happy to hang out in the city as well! SF is so fun!

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