off the supps

I did a little experiment and stopped giving M the supplements she’s on (five of them) for the last few weeks. I wondered if she’d outgrown her issues, or if the supplements were even doing anything. God knows we don’t need one more monthly expense. Well, I can very decisively say that they are doing something, because the last few days she’s been wonky. Wonky as in, can’t stop moving her body. Wiggling, jumping, jerking, writhing… constantly. And running, running everywhere nonstop. Also she’s hotter than normal, sleeping naked above the covers and it’s winter.

Example one:

This video doesn’t exist

This looks like a little squirrely-ness but it quickly devolves into knocking things over, dropping things, falling or tripping, running away from me and laughing at the chase game even when it isn’t safe, climbing on things that are not meant to be climbed, and generally making herself unwelcome anywhere in public or other people’s homes. I tried to upload a video of her running in circles at swimming, nonstop, wildly… It won’t upload, but it’s amazing how much she is sticking out in that roomful of kids.
Swimming lessons are deteriorating as she can’t focus on what the teachers are asking of her, instead just doing goofy things in the water. It breaks my heart to see her so all over the place, scattered, and out of control. I don’t like her getting into trouble and feeling shamed and yelled at when she has no impulse control. So last night the supplements came out again, and it’s going to stay that way. I hope and pray that she goes back to normal again.


After two days of supps she’s able to sit and read without even squirming! She’s calmer and happier. We’re not back to normal all the way, but the difference is awesome. She’s happier and more engaged with her world. She seems like herself.

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