hello from the other side!

Well, we are here! After 9 states (counting our home state), 6 hotels, one stay with a relative, three time zones, and some amazing side trips (old plaza in Albuquerque, Grand Canyon, hiking in Sedona, the Mojave Desert, Highway 1 and Big Sur), we are happily settling into our San Francisco life. We arrived yesterday where it was pouring rain and gloomy as hell, but our spirits lifted when we got into the apartment and found it to be lovely and old-fashioned, with crown molding and beautiful french doors separating the rooms. No open floor plan (I hate those)! The kitchen is so large compared to what I’m used to at home, with a full table and four chairs. The living room is able to be closed off completely, so my mother is able to fold out a bed in there and have her own room. The bathroom has a separate room with the bath, and one with the toilet. The bathtub is a clawfoot tub, lovely for baths! We have a private patio which is enclosed with a locked gate, so M can go outside worry-free. She has her own playroom, too. We also have wifi, a full cable line up, and of course I don’t have to worry about any of the utilities because it’s all included!

The rental company is awesome. I had an issue with the TV (half the screen isn’t working) and they sent someone right away to fix or replace it. They also answer very quickly by email. We don’t have a washer or dryer, but there is a laundro-mat on the same block. My Nepali best friend lives about 40 minutes down the freeway, and we’re hanging at her house today and doing laundry here! M is thrilled to be back with her little buddy Mustafa (my friend’s oldest son, who is one year younger than M), and for the first time they aren’t fighting the whole time and are playing nicely together. I’m thrilled to have access to my friend and both of her parents who are living with her! They are coming to our house tomorrow to explore the city with us, and I’m super happy to show it to someone!

I had groceries delivered for the first time in my life. It only cost $15 more for the service and tip on top of the price of groceries. I probably won’t do delivery every time, but to stock up our kitchen I needed to do a big run, and it was so convenient! And all organic and gluten-free, too! M’s first day at preschool is tomorrow, and her first swimming lesson is Friday. In all of this, I almost forget I have to go to work. I plan to check out the hospital and stop by the ICU before I start, just to see what nurses are wearing and know where I’m going. I start orientation on Monday. Wouldn’t it be awesome if I could live this life and not have to work though? HA.

I will be keeping up with our adventures over on my travel blog Across the Never Sky, and also you can see photos of us enjoying our new life on my instagram (username rntravelmom).


Author: Mother of All Things

Mother by fostering, adoption, and marriage... wife to my best friend... Bay area critical care nurse... travel in my blood, reading in my bones, clean food on my mind!

2 thoughts on “hello from the other side!”

  1. Thrilled you are here and like your place!!! Fingers crossed it continues to go well and you like the job also. Does this contract have a time frame you can share? How can we, remotely, support you in this transition? IF you are in SF proper you should check out the NOE VALLEY RECREATION CENTER which is on Collingwood next to the Molly Stone Grocery store one block west of Castro at 18th. Not asking you to share where you are as clearly security etc. But it is a nice playground for her age group and the code of childhood there is generally quite positive and including.
    Academy of Sciences has lots and lots for her age group, and family membership pays for self fairly rapidly, the Japanese Tea Garden is priced differently for city residents so take proof with you that you are living in the city.( It will be lovely there when spring comes in about February).
    The rain WILL NOT last long and it will be much warmer in just a very few weeks now, and it IS warm compared to places with snow.
    Cheers and support and joy!!!!!

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