when I love it I really love it

It’s the eve of my first day at work but I think I will be in an office type building doing some kind of orientation… So not real patient care yet. I spent the day figuring out the Muni system. M and I took it to an indoor playground, then up the opposite way to the hospital. It’s easy to use and there are lots of apps to tell you which route and when the next bus is. Easy peasy. Hopefully it will stop pouring rain eventually and I can ride my bike.

Things I love about SF already that make me feel like I’m in the honeymoon stage of a relationship:

1) My face and legs and everything else are not freezing when I walk out the door. Also, there is no snow or ice on my car to scrape off.

2) Parents speak to their children with patience, kindness, and respect, even when the child is completely losing it. It’s like a different planet than the Midwest, the way people are parenting here. And it rubs off on me… Sure I constantly strive to not punish or threaten ever, but gosh it’s so much easier when everyone around me is parenting the same way!

3) There is so much to do, everywhere. We never have to repeat activities (if we don’t want). I got so sick of the handful of things to do with kids in my part of Michigan, and they were all so far that I was spending such a fortune on gas.

4) Speaking of, yay public transportation! I’m going to skip the parking pass and put my car somewhere maybe. Don’t need it in and around the city. So awesome!

5) People are super friendly. I have conversations everywhere I go! I feel like part of the world again.

6) I love having less stuff. We brought the bare minimum and the house was furnished and had kitchen supplies. We don’t have the years and years worth of clutter and that is refreshing. It’s easy to keep the place clean and everything has a place. And if anything breaks, well the rental company gets to take care of it!

Part of me can’t imagine going back to Michigan now. So dreary, and boring, and lonely. My mother doesn’t want to stay here, I know that. I couldn’t even rent this place full time most likely, and I hate to move again if we stayed. So probably we can’t stay, and without my mom how can I find childcare? It would eat up every penny of my earnings. But oh man, I like it here. I really, really do.

Author: Mother of All Things

Mother by fostering, adoption, and marriage... wife to my best friend... Bay area critical care nurse... travel in my blood, reading in my bones, clean food on my mind!

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