just let her run free in fairy land

I go back and forth about preschool on a daily basis. Lately it’s been more back than forth, but this morning M’s little friends came running to greet her and enfold her in their little tribe, and I felt good about the community she has there. Of course, she asked me why she has to go school at all on the drive there. Also, the other day when I picked her up the teacher scolded her for opening the cafeteria door on her own when we left. Apparently there’s a weird school rule that the kids aren’t allowed to open doors because someone got their finger pinched. I prefer her to open and close her own doors, mostly because she can and also how else is she supposed to learn how to not pinch her or someone else’s fingers in the door?? Also, that whole rule about not feeding her at school, because she’s supposed to be independent and feed herself? So much for independence when it comes to the doors. No wonder she feels confused and irritated with school.

Last week I got a gift card for participating in a research study at work, so I took my sister and niece to the Renaissance Festival. I have always loved going, and this year M’s inner festie just came out in full force. She completely threw herself into the spirit of things, donning her fairy wings and watching performances, dancing to music, and interacting with the grown-up fairies, pirates, etc all day! I’m pretty sure she was convinced she’d found her people.

Hugging spiderman and listening to a spontaneous music jam that broke out on the path…

By the end of the day we were both feeling free and light. I loved watching her play with the fairy houses for hours (ok maybe a half hour would’ve been enough for me) and then start building her own fairy houses all over the place. I could see her expressing herself freely through music and dance and creativity and looking around and seeing so many other adults and children doing the same. She didn’t have to worry about getting dirty or holding still or being quiet. And I honestly just wish this was our life the majority of the time!

Obsessed with fairy houses and getting dusted with fairy dust nearby…

I wish I could afford a season pass and attend every weekend. I would love to dress us both up and make festival friends and have that be our “thing” every fall. Maybe in a few years? For now, I am taking the memories of us dancing with court ladies and fairies and pirates in the woods to the beat of the drums, covered in glitter and dirt, and as happy and free as sprites with us and let it guide me toward the way of life we are pursuing.

Dancing with court ladies and fairies in the grove, and running through the village at closing time…

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