ok a little positivity now

I’ve been using my blog to vent about the trip’s low points, but it has been equally as amazing as it has been disturbing. I’m sitting on my hotel balcony right now, looking at the Langtang Himalayan range and the terraced hills. This view cannot be beat, even by the ocean. The Himalayas call to me and have done so ever since I first laid eyes on them in 2004. Like the Redwoods, they raise my energy to a deeper, calmer frequency. I’m counting down the months or, god forbid, years until I can go trekking!

Also, M and I needed a little Western world living, stat. Everything feels better with hot running water, soft bedding, and brand new shiny appliances. Yes, we’ve been living without running (or hot, unless you heat it on the stove) water and sleeping in wooden beds with mats! I’m no 19-year-old anymore, my bones ache on wood platforms now! For $105 we spent the night in an amazing hotel with a jacuzzi, delicious food (both international and local cuisines), the best views, excellent service, and all the fresh air and greenery of nature. 

Honestly we haven’t even gone much further than our room and the dining room. Having our own space with familiar accoutrements has breathed new life into us. We’ve cuddled and laughed together and reconnected as mommy and daughter. We’ve lounged around in bed and on the balcony, taken long hot showers using all the soap, and fell asleep together by candlelight. Pure magic.

Honestly we wouldn’t mind staying a few more days in this awesome place. But we leave for Hong Kong tomorrow, so that’s not possible. But boy, has coming here really helped me plan how to go about our next trip here! We need our own space, nature and countryside, and from time to time hot showers and soft beds. These things help us stay sane, and allow us to be kinder to one another. Amazing how self care can create such harmony and, after some truly awful acting out, has turned my daughter back into her sweet and wonderful self.

We need the mountains. We need privacy. We need each other. And we need the freedom to decide on the flow of the days and weeks. We’ve battled injuries, hurt feelings, homesickness, and illness. We’ve looked upon the crown of the world, and we’ve discovered what makes us work and what doesn’t. It’s been unbelievable. 

Now how the heck do we drag ourselves away from this paradise???

Author: Mother of All Things

Mother by fostering, adoption, and marriage... wife to my best friend... Bay area critical care nurse... travel in my blood, reading in my bones, clean food on my mind!

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