Christmas frustration

Holy cow. I’ve been up since 7 am with kiddo, and Christmas morning was a great hit for her, of course. But after seven hours of playing with toys and bathing and watching Christmas movies, she is bouncing off the freaking WALLS and making me regret giving her candy in her stocking (just chocolate, no dye, but it seems to be affecting her just as much). I made gluten-free lasagna and muffins, and sorted our food for the trip.

We had a great morning, the three of us, but I’m very lonely as the day goes on. Paying the bills was a big downer, and trying to clean the house is sort of just hamster-on-a-wheel, as whatever I do gets undone a few minutes later. I’m so tired after a horrendous day yesterday at work. So tired, so overwhelmed, so sad.

About to get into my car and drive two hours to see an old friend just to go somewhere.

Author: Mother of All Things

Mother by fostering, adoption, and marriage... wife to my best friend... Bay area critical care nurse... travel in my blood, reading in my bones, clean food on my mind!

6 thoughts on “Christmas frustration”

      1. The movie sounded like a good time and vegetables were a brilliant idea! I haven’t taken Wallace yet as everything scares him. I’ve had a migraine for two days so it’s not been great. Trying to live through my kid, just like you.

  1. I had the thought yesterday “Xmas is rough when you’re a mom”. I dunno. Just a long day.

    Also, hello. I can’t remember how I came across your blog, and I mostly ignore my blog subscriptions these days. But I was reading through the backlog last night, and thought I’d say hi. I’m also a mom and a nurse (I think we work at the same hospital, and I found this blog originally when I was browsing nursing blogs and came across yours?). Your upcoming travel adventures sound very cool, I’ve always wanted to live in the Bay Area. I hope you have a wonderful time, and if you ever want a mom buddy when you’re back in MI, I can always use a pal for play dates and such. I love my kiddos, but hanging out with them all day can be so very isolating.

    Alright, time to end this novel of a comment. Happy holidays to you and yours!

  2. Christmas is exhausting for all moms, I think, just like the commenter above stated. My son has a hard time with excitement and overwhelms quickly, even now at 12. He did great up until the day after Christmas when he became a grump and began to voice is opposition to every single request made of him. I told him to take a break from his screens (iPhone, iPad) and, after a bit of negotiation that was not allowed to go on very long, I took his phone from him and told him to go play with some toys, draw…do anything other than stare at his phone. He burst into tears and, in full protest mode, put himself to bed in the middle of the afternoon. lol….not a terrible coping mechanism, truly.

    Hang in there. Lots of changes coming up for you guys. It’ll be a bit rough before it settles into routine but I’m sure you’ll be feeling back to yourself in no time. šŸ™‚

  3. After reading the comments, I am glad that your day ended better. At barely two Miss Fuss wasn’t into all the hype but it was still exhausting here also. I think sometimes that it is worse for us because we try so hard to give the kids a good day. It just leaves me feeling tired and worn out.

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